Yay! Ian hearts Italy.

Ian called this evening!  I woke up thinking about him and wondering how he was.  I figure if I’m not hearing from him, it’s all good.  Tonight? He was tired and wanted to talk about all of his adventures while he did his laundry.  Amazingly, I was here alone and could listen and enjoy talking to him.  He’s doing great – meeting tons of people – no small feat for my only introverted child – and eating amazingly awesome food.  I’m so happy it’s going well and that he’s so happy!

Today Ian took a Vespa tour of Tuscany with a group of friends from the hostel. It sounded amazingly beautiful – small towns, sunflower farms, a steep climb up some kind of hill, 1968 Fiats and lots more delicious food.  He told me about the rest of his visit to Rome.  I’m jealous!  The Coliseum and the Parthenon far exceeded Ian’s expectations.  

Florence, thus far, seems to be his favorite city.  His disappointment in the Mona Lisa was equal to his astonishment at seeing David in real life.  While sitting with a group of friends in the hostel (which Ian described as the best of his trip this far) late one evening, Ian got to witness a transportation strike marching through the streets of Florence.  He described it as incredibly loud, incredibly red and a little frightening. Ian and his friends walked through the city the next few days.  

On Saturday morning, Ian heads to Venice (have I mentioned how I wish I were 19 and not the stoopid 19 I was?)!!!!  When the older boys were young (11ish) one of our favorite audio books was The Theif Lord which is set in Venice.  We have listened to that book at least four times over the years.  It’s a fun story and the reader is really amazing.  Ian has picked up tips from fellow travelers on what to do and see and skip in Venice.  He’s planning to pick up a Venetian mask to wear for Halloween in Prague.  

Anyway, after a week of feeling rotten – allergies mostly – I feel so much better after talking to Ian!  He’s doing this! How amazing and exciting and, just WOW!!!!! 

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