Sometimes, it’s all good.

 This weekend has been all good. It started with hearing from Ian and knowing he’s doing well.  (He’s in Venice today – waaahhhh – I want to be in Venice too!  Not necessarily with Ian, but just Venice. We haven’t heard from him which means he’s having fun.  Without us.)  Ahem . . . This is the entry about all things good.

It started on Wednesday.  The poor Suburban died on Tim not too far from the house.  Tim called Mike because I am useless about cars if it’s not a flat tire or oil. Tim ran home, took my car and went to class.  

When Mike got home, he talked about putting in a new alternator and/or starter and I managed to calmly say that I did not think it was worth putting any more money in the beloved ‘Burb. Mike never drives the Suburban and really had no clue how bad things were (door handles falling off, locks that don’t work, wonky steering, you name it).  Mike walked to the Suburban.  He managed to drive her home.  

When he walked in the door, he said, “We need to find something better.”   I was speechless.  I had kind of begun to think I’d be buried with the Suburban as my coffin. Love my husband, but he’s kind of an extreme need/want? guy.   Mike found an awesome looking car online at a dealership our neighbors have had good experiences with.  It was old,  with lots of miles, but it still has a lot of miles left based on the reviews we read.  And it was pretty. 

We went over last night.  Looked at the car, gave the guy our price and our bank info.  Within an hour I was driving my new car home.  (I even haggled – I’ve never haggled – it’s fun in a sweaty, stressful kind of way.)  Oh my . . . I have a “moon roof” (who the hell came up with that name?) and Bose speakers and leather seats and a moon roof and the ability to merge into traffic without waiting for all oncoming cars to be 1 mile away.  I’m actually faster than some other cars on the road.  Crazy.  Did I mention the moon roof?  And it does not smell like teenage boys.  I don’t know that I will ever let anyone else in the car, but I’m certainly enjoying it for now.  

While Mike and I were sitting at the dealership last night, I JOKINGLY said, “We should at least let Andy drive her around the block before we haul off Old Blue.  Then we can say all four boys learned to drive in the Suburban.”  Ha. Ha.  This afternoon, Mike not only let Andy drive around the block, but all over the neighborhood.  @@  He only stopped him after Andy had driven them into a ditch and then let him drive OUT of the ditch.  Winter Springs neighbors, I apologize.I especially apologize to the parents of Andy’s friends who are now demanding to illegally drive your cars! 

Old Blue is now in the junk yard’s parts department.  We made as much from the junk yard as we would have trying to sell her.  I feel like I sold a family member.  I’ve been driving that car since Andy was in a car seat and trying to grow hair.  But, I look in the driveway and see my shiny new(ish) car and I don’t feel so sad.  

At the dealership, they kept making a big deal about how we won’t have a car payment until December.  Ummm….we haven’t had a car payment in at least 10 years.  But, consumer that I am I woke up this morning feeling like we had extra money. 

So, I bought fabric for the porch furniture cushions.  In a consolidation of efforts, we loaded the non-functional weight-lifting thing and accompanying weights into the junk-bound Suburban. The older boys used the weights, but with just one Andy it’s easy to add him to the Y membership (and affordable).  I have my whole porch for the first time ever.  No toys, no weights, just comfy places to sit and work and think and breathe in the bamboo. 200 square feet! 

Next to the fabric place was a Beall’s (like Ross or TJ Maxx).  I stopped in hoping to find some real shoes.  When we got Cally, she ate most of my winter shoes – just mine.  Since then, I’ve only replaced those shoes with flip flops or canvas sneakers.  I’ve hit the point of stoopid with my shoes these days.  Looky what I found???!!!!  Are those boots the cutest thing ever?  And, to balance the cowboy, I got some moccasins with beaded peace-signs.  In the neutral department, brown loafers.  

Thank heavens we don’t have a car payment next month.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  😉

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