It only FEELS like 11:30!

I say it every year, I love this time change.  I’d rather we stick with one time, but if we’re going to stick with something, I’m on Team Fall Back.  The time changed combined with the (finally!) cool weather here helped contribute to an excellent weekend.  

Mike is finally done coaching other peoples’ children for football. As a rule I am not happy when a kids’ team is truly terrible.  In this instance, I cheered them on to failure.  Not a football player in the bunch.  Nice kids, but they were more squash-at-lunch kind of guys.  With our first free weekend since August, Mike and I managed to get a lot of dumb things done around here.  You know? The dumb things that are dumb in the beginning and then start to nag at you.  We started with the garage.  Slowly, we’re reclaiming it from all the years and years of layered kid stuff.  

Anyone local interested in a rare 1906 Columbus Boudoir Studio Upright Piano?  It’s needs restoration, but it has its original ivory and, though, out of tune, the sound is surprisingly nice.  It’s yours if you want it.  (Kaaren – Christmas for Jacob?) You just have to move it.  We’ll throw in a bottle of Ibuprofen.  

Last night, I re-padded and sewed new covers for the porch furniture.  I have a couple more cushions to finish, but I’m really pleased with everything so far.  It’s so clean and boy-free!  Later, Mike watched football across the street while I had a chance to sit and visit with some of the other neighbors and the kids sent up fire kites. Funny how everyone’s pockets were crinkling with fun-sized candy wrappers.  

Today, I got a chance to have lunch with one of my favorite people! I met Kathy when she was pregnant with her first son and I was newly married. I was being interviewed to take her job. I got the job; she had the smartest baby I have ever encountered.  We hit it off and stayed in touch.  That was 24 years ago!!!!!  

Her first, Daniel, is graduated from Georgetown and is starting an amazing life. I remember when he was a bald, mysterious baby.  Though Kathy moved to NY by the time  I was having the boys, we stayed in touch via MAIL.  Real mail, with stamps and handwriting and stuff. 

Kathy was the first non-related person I told when I found out I was pregnant with Andy.  At that time, we were visiting them at their new house in Gainesville.  Gainesville is only 2-3 hours away, but toss in 7 kids and two family-owned businesses and it’s difficult to get together!  Now things have slowed down for both of us.  Kathy’s kids are graduated or in college.  Mine? Well, you know about them.  

So, today we met half-way between Gainesville and Orlando.  I was so excited to be driving something that would allow me to drive in lanes other than the far right.  It’s an easy trip.  Well, you would think that . . . but me and traveling :::sigh::: I had to get gas on the way up.  I’m used to the Suburban’s 40 gallon tank – not fuel efficient, but you didn’t have to fill it up often.  Surprise.  I pulled off at an exit I knew.  Ummm….this is the first time I’ve had to get gas.  

There was a line.  I waited and pulled into the first free slot only to find that this new(ish) car has the gas tank on the passenger side.  Oops.  Back in line and into a slot where the gas cord would reach.  I hopped out of the car, glad I’d left myself some extra time to travel and went to pump gas.  

Unfortunately, I have the secret-wall of gas doors.  No key, no button, no nothing.  Finally the man on the other side of my pump asked if I need help.  I did.  He did everything I had just done.  (Yes, we checked the manual – the info was not where you would have expected it.) No clue.  Another man came over.  The first guy’s wife kept shouting something out the window.  I finally heard it.  She was right.  You have to push on a secret spot to click the door open.  GAH! Nearly 20 minutes later, I was back on the road.  Thank you, nice people at the gas station.  You have no idea how much better I feel knowing that you struggled as much as I did. 

Well, you probably know the rest.  I decided to finish my trip on an alternate route, not anticipating the construction or the fact that the construction equipment would block my view of the sign pointing to my turn off.  You know you have a good friend when she waits nearly an hour in the freezing 70 degree temps for you to show up.  

We had a delicious 3-hour Steak and Shake lunch topped off with a Salted Caramel Pretzel Milkshake for me and a hot fudge sundae for her.  We caught up and laughed and laughed.  We caught up some more and laughed some more.  There is nothing like getting together with a good friend after a long break.  We’re planning to do this more often – if nothing else, it might help with my memory/travel issues.

Happy Monday to everyone. (Well everyone except Andy, I just looked at his math and we have a long morning facing us.)  

P.S. – I made it home in less than 45 minutes.  Encouraging and sad at the same time. 

One thought on “It only FEELS like 11:30!

  1. I had almost the same problem with my new car when we finally retired the minivan this spring. I offered to help a lady at the grocery store jump start her car and grabbed my cables out of the back and then could not for the life of me figure out how to get the hood open. Others came over to look; I pulled out the manual. People kept asking if it was really my car. It didn't help it was a hot, hot afternoon. I finally curbed my pride and called my husband who of course knew right where it was. There's a recessed lever that you can only see if you put your head down inside the car by the pedals. The sad part was in the end, we couldn't get her car going again anyway.

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