Ian is home! I picked him up last night.  (I hadn’t mentioned the new(ish) car, so that was kind of a fun surprise.)  He’s thin and exhausted, but he’s a changed young man.  This trip was the best thing he could have done for himself.  I knew Mike, Tim and Andy were waiting at home for Ian so I tried not to drill him with the million questions I have.  Plus, I’ve learned, it’s easier to let information just ooze out over days/weeks than to demand it on the spot.  

I can see that he is still processing all of the things he’s seen, people he has met and just the whole experience.  Ian was passed out cold by about 8 pm last night.  He took a shower before bed and every single one of us commented on how short the shower was and how clean the bathroom was when he was done.  This is not my son. Today he spent a lot of time sorting through pictures (“I didn’t take as many as I thought I would, only about 4000.”), reactivating his work schedule at Chili’s (this did not involve a lot of enthusiasm), reacquainting himself with driving and tormenting Andy and the dog.  

Once Ian gets his pictures sorted out, I will try to share some. He’s already got at least two future trips planned out.  I survived the first one, I guess I can survive what’s to come.  LOL, like I had to survive anything, right? 

I’m so happy to have most of us together.  AND . . . I’m going to Tallahassee this weekend with my mom to see Danny’s friend-that-is-a-girl (yes, the SAME one – read about their first “date” at the link) give her Senior Recital. It’s just her – and her trumpet- and a roomful of people. I am surrounded by brave young people. Aside from her internship (here in town) this spring, she is done with school (for the time being anyway).  How did that happen?  So, in one week that does not involve a holiday or birthday or anything, I get to be with all my boys.  Not too shabby. 

Thanks to all of you who were so supportive of Ian and me while he was gone.  It means a lot and it really helped. Ian did say on the drive back from the airport how glad he was he did not come home mid-trip.  That low point was a turning point.  He would have missed out on meeting a lot of good people have seeing even more great things without all of the encouragement! 

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