Brave New Me

 If you have read here for any length of time, you are fully aware of my fear of new people and talking to them and being a total idiot.  Back in February, Mike and I were invited for dinner at some friends of Mike’s from the Y.  You can read about my reaction here.  (I’ll wait, you read.)  Okay, so since then, we have been trying to find a time to have this couple here for dinner.

It finally worked out this weekend.  I was nervous and excited all week.  I made a plan – one that involved good food, little mess and more good food.  Mike was on board.  Friday night was a bit crazy.  Mike grilled (to perfection) a butterflied lamb roast.  I spent the rest of the evening turning it into a stew.  While I messed with that, I put Andy to work.  Mike had gone to bed.  Tim and Ian were working.  I had Andy dragging boxes from the attic.  BIG heavy boxes.

I had in my mind how delicious the tea had been and I wanted to find one of my teapots.  Poor Andy was dragging china I had put away when the bigs were babies.  WOW  – I have a lot of Blue Willow!  And, I had enough to make a pretty table for four people.  Do you know how long it’s been since we only fed four people? It’s so different than our usual clustermugs (to borrow from Stephen King)  of 40-70 people. 

So, they came on Saturday.  We had a wonderful evening.  I love when people really like food.  We ate out on the screened in porch, it was about 70 with a nice breeze.  We laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a little strange to have totally new people to the house. As they asked about the floors, the tiles, the paint everywhere, I began to feel a little manic. I’m not, maybe, and all of this stuff has taken years but to explain it all in one night makes a person sound kind of nuts.  
Still, I never once had the urge to panic or throw up or anything.  (Yeah, I know, aim high, Amy.) Really, it was a good night.  Sadly, our friends left.  The boys came home.  They ate everything I had not already put away. :::whimper:::: We’re hoping to meet up with this couple again in January – I can hardly wait.  (How can I not love a couple that gets my quotes on the wall?) 

This weekend is suddenly free.  Just typing that is weird, our weekends are always pretty free but the past several weeks have been strangely full.  One of my beloved neighbors is moving.  She’s even taking her kids and husband.  They aren’t moving that far away, but the freedom of just walking up or down the street for a quick visit or a chance to borrow olive oil or a pair of shoes with both heels intact, will be gone. Friday nights are going to be strange without her.  But, I am glad we’ll be around for their last weekend here on Oak Road. Something tells me it could get interesting.

And then, Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving. I ordered some sky lanterns to send up after dinner.  We’ll also be bringing the glow-in-the-dark bocce ball set so the kids can play while the grown ups hide the good leftovers for themselves. I’m really looking forward to having my whole family together for a few days.

Christmas?  Yep.  It’s in all the stores.  I”m just not willing to go there yet.  You?

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