Ooops – I was sure I updated

Let’s just work in order:

My mom and I went to Tallahassee to see the-girl-that-is-a-friend’s Senior Recital.  (Her name is Christi, but you did not hear it here.) We went in my fancy new-ish car.  You know? The car that can pass other cars and drive in lanes beyond the far right????  My mom and I had a great time on the way up to Tallahassee and I am happy to report that we DID NOT get lost.  Not a single wrong turn.  This was even more confusing than getting lost in some ways.  We checked into our hotel on time and then just sat on opposing beds staring at each other.  We had built extra hours into our trip . . . crazy, huh?

Eventually, we headed to Dan’s house.  It really is the home of engineering students – nerd-ness at every turn.  In a good way.  We went to the grocery store and then headed out for dinner.  We were still ahead of schedule – this NEVER happens in my world or my mom’s world.  We walked around the campus of FSU and got caught up with Dan. It was great – the weather is definitely cooler in Tallahassee and Danny is so much more relaxed talking when he’s guiding two directionally-challenged women through campus.

As recital time approached, we realized we had a sweet parking spot and decided to just hang out by the car.  I had a gift to wrap.  We debated breaking open the box o’ wine I had picked up at the grocery store and making signs for the recital.  You know, musical things like “Trumpets rock, oboes suck.”  Fortunately, we had no paper or paint or strong opinions about any particular musical instrument.  (You’re welcome, Christi) We hung out and devoured car snacks and greeted friends of Dan’s, Christi’s and just general people as they arrived. 

The recital itself was absolutely beautiful.  Christi wore a gorgeous gown and played a piccolo trumpet with some piano to accompany her.  The room was filled with an amazing array of family, friends, teachers and fellow music students.  I think Danny was more nervous about the whole thing than anyone.  No need. His girl-that-is-a-friend was spectacular.  I got a bit ferklempt more than once. 

The ride home was uneventful as well.  YIKES.  We actually stopped for a snack and a car wash because we were so far ahead of schedule by not being lost.  I still don’t think anyone believes us.  But, it’s true.

Sunday night, my dad and my brother met us here at the house.  Mike grilled some amazing steak and chicken and we had fajitas for dinner that put Chili’s to shame.  After dinner, we had dessert (key lime pie and chocolate chip cookies with pretzel bits – yes, you need these) while we watched Ian’s pictures of his travels.  Not only am I married to a talented cook, I am the mother of a brave and gifted photographer.  I loved hearing about the details of the photos and was left wanting more and with a pair of itchy feet – I want to go somewhere now!  HERE is a link to Ian’s f
irst set of photos – his pictures of Dublin.  I will try to get the rest of the links for you soon.

So, there’s a big chunk of November for you.  More in a few minutes.

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