Mom Fail . . .

Dan was supposed to come home this afternoon.  I planned on that. I planned dinner.  I planned the car arrangements.  I planned.  And, I did all this planning while enduring the stoopidest cold/cough ever.  I feel rotten.  The only time I want to be single with no kids is when I don’t feel well.  But, I’m not single and I do have kids.

Dan made it home around 9 pm tonight. He had eaten. :::sigh::: (note to self: only make runzas when I want them, not when I think someone else might want them – they are a time-consuming p-i-t-a)  At the same time, I remember being in college and being just as ugly and ignorant and rude.  I don’t excuse it (sorry, mom) but, I remember it. 

We were all in the kitchen and I was feeling a bit prickly after staying up late to make the stoopid runzas and then spending the whole day waiting for my son to show up. And, when he did show up, he was ‘all’ “What’s up . . . ”  Gah!  Everyone say a little prayer that I learn how to be the gracious mom of adults and not the bitter shrew I seem to be turning into. 

When Dan mentioned that he’d been stuffed up all week and still had to take tests and turn in projects, my brain broke.  You know how sometimes your mouth works WAY ahead of your brain?  That would be one of those moments.  Dan had not had time to inhale before I retorted, “Yeah, and how many other people are you taking care of?”  Dead silence.  Finally, Andy chimed in, “Welcome, Dan, to the home of the Queen of the Harpies.”  Ugh.  Fair Enough.  And we all laughed.  (I really don’t want to be Queen of the Harpies, but I’m certainly on the road.) 

The rest of the night has gone more smoothly – or maybe it’s just that new dose of cough medicine.  Whatever.  Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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