Must find focus . . .

Well, it’s Monday (was Monday) and things have settled down after Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to have all the boys together for a few days.  Loud.  But fun.  Really loud. 

My mom hosted another amazing Thanksgiving.  My sister and her family could not make it this year, so it was a smaller group than usual, but still, the 18 of us gathered had a blast catching up and eating and drinking and laughing.  Thanksgiving really is an awesome holiday.  Stuffing truly does make the world go round.

Friday morning, Mike had the boys up on the roof for Christmas decorations.  Thanks to Nyquil, I slept through the worst of it.  Our  new front door does not accommodate the awesome wreath I made last year (check the link – it really was pretty!).  I’m going to give that to my neighbor that is moving as a house warming gift.  This year, I went bigger and better and made a similar wreath about 3 times the size of the original.  It is now, thanks to Mike and Andy’s careful and hard work, hanging above the garage.  I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow.  So, Mike wins – he had the outside Christmas stuff done before I was out of bed.

I found homes for all of our favorite Christmas decorations FINALLY last night.  I’ve had a stack of boxes in the middle of the kitchen all weekend.  Normally, it’s not a big deal, but everything is different this year.  New (to us) furniture, new arrangements, nothing fits where it’s supposed to and I was sore confused.  Luckily, I was inspired by a couple of cheesy Christmas movies and the house is festive.  

Today, I tried to get back to business with school for Andy.  ::::sigh::::: This little bit of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so tricky.  Andy is not focused.  I’m not focused and yet eighth grade is still there waiting to be tackled.  I will be so happy to be forever done with eighth grade!  

Normally, when I get up I make the bed quickly (so I don’t climb right back in), shower and get dressed.  If you’ve ever “done” Fly Lady you’ll get it.  (I love Fly Lady for the things I learned over the 2-3 years I followed her religiously!)  Anyway, today, I woke up with my mind going in a million directions.  I stripped the bed, wandered around in my sock monkey pj’s debating the merits of cookies for breakfast and started school with Andy.  Amazing what a mess a distracted mom and a kid who has been running wild for five days can make.  And, for the record, cookies are fine if they are these cookies – drizzled with caramel and sea salt when they come out of the oven.  I added a spoonful of yogurt to my meal to round it out.

The morning whizzed by in a blur.  I did a lot of “Well, this isn’t going so well . . .  let’s come back to it,” as I alternated school with random chores.  I was browning pork chops (for dinner) while dragging Andy through the slope/intercept concept (every one of my kids struggled with this – I’m clinging to the fact that all three bigs eventually mastered it) for the third ateempt when I glanced at the calendar.  Ooops . . . 

We had 30 minutes to get downtown to Andy’s doctor for a booster shot and to have her fill out some sports forms.  GAH!!!!!!   I stuck my head in the sink, slapped gel in my hair (beauty of short hair and having a sun roof in the car to get it dry) and threw on some jeans.  We hopped in the car and made it in the nick of time.  And then we waited and waited and waited.  And, while we waited, I sat back and took a good look at Andy.  

I guess it’s like anyone you spend a lot of time with, you see what you know is there, not necessarily what is right in front of you.  Today, I saw through the doctor’s eyes.  Since the summer, Andy has grown 2″ and added 10 pounds.  His clothing has not kept up.  He looked positively neglected.  His shoes were small and sad.  His shorts were frayed and sad.  His shirt????  It doesn’t help that Andy favors shades of grey, blue and sometimes, if he’s feeling crazy, beige.  It was like taking Pig Pen to the doctor’s.  

Fortunately, our beloved pediatrician was also distracted and we talked about weird things like three-year-olds (her grandson), college-aged boys (mine) and how getting older kind of sucks.  Andy’s lucky she found his arm for his shot.  

Tomorrow I am hoping to have my normal focus on school, life and poor Andy back in full swing.  I have lists and a plan.  (Shhhh . . . no one tell Andy the plan involves replacing his sad wardrobe.) Tuesdays are better than Mondays, right?

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