Let’s start with the bargains because they are fun and make me happy.  Spent yesterday with Bing, Andy and Ian.  We started with lunch at Kappy’s.  As always, it was fattening and delicious and made just for us.  It was Bing’s first visit and I think she was pretty happy with her sandwich.  

Friday was absolutely one of the days that makes us feel lucky to live in Florida.  December, sunny, 80 degrees and lunch outside that involved hot waffle fries.  Sure, it’s not particularly Christmas-y, but it’s fun to drive around in December with the sunroof open and wondering if we should have brought along sunscreen.  

Our next stop was the downtown library.  Since I was a little, little girl, the library (any library) has been one of my favorite places EVER.  It’s Bing’s fault – she made us go.  The Orlando downtown library is way fun – it’s huge and features books, audiobooks in a variety of formats, ever-changing art exhibits and excellent people-watching.  After a couple of hours, we left with a good haul and hit the road again.  (I always feel a little guilty that the library is free – where else can you walk away with so much treasure for nothing?????? But, I only feel a little guilty and I talk myself through it. I DO bring the stuff back eventually, right?) 

Close to downtown is my most favorite thrift store  (random picture, not “my” thrift shop) and Ian is attending an ugly Christmas sweater party next weekend, so we stopped.  No luck on the sweater, but I found some great stuff.  I was not shopping carefully, just grabbing things I needed/liked based on how they felt (That’s kind of how I shop – makes Bing nuts because I touch EVERYTHING.  It’s not as bad in a thrift store as it is trying to contain me in a museum so we managed okay.  

Later Friday night, I had a chance to really look at my purchases.  WOW – I feel like I have all kinds of extra money because of the deals I found.  Not that I would pay retail for any of it, but you know what I mean.  

First up:  

 A Banana Republic sweater (long, grey cardigan with a hood and pockets – $5) AND a wool scarf from Talbots (green, blue, white, grey – $6 but 1/2 price tag).   I actually wore these this afternoon – they’re fun, not fussy but definitely a step up from my normal hooded sweatshirt.  I checked online to see the retail-ish prices for these.  The sweater?  $65 (Seriously?  It’s cute, but not that cute.)  The scarf? ($45 – see previous comment)



A Pashima scarf – 90% cashmere/10% silk.  It still has the original folds in it.  I don’t think anyone ever used it.  I googled and on it was listed (in a way ugly color, not my beautiful blue) for $70.  I paid $4.  This thing is so perfect for Florida weather and I love the color so much I would have paid much, much more for it.  But, you know, I didn’t.  


It’s just a green purse, but it’s the perfect size and the details are fun.  The stamp says Minicci – no clue.  I don’t care, it was 4.99.  Used this today with the new sweater and scarf – damn I’m so stylish-ish.


I spotted a tea kettle.  Our tea kettle is about five years old and it was a cheap tea kettle to start.  Lately, it’s simply gross and ugly.  I saw a cute white tea kettle as we were heading to the check out line.  I picked it up and liked the weight of it and it was marked at $6.  It wasn’t until I was drying it off after soaking in the sink all evening that I spotted the Le Creuset stamp on the bottom.  Yep.  I own a $100 tea kettle.  And to think I could just boil water in a pan.  I love it – it’s elegant and pretty and since I look at it everytime I see my stove, it’s six dollars worth of love.

Stay tuned for the next post.  We’ll talk about NOT bargains
. . .

5 thoughts on “Bargains

  1. You know me and Goodwill Hunting. It's my 2nd favorite thing to do almost any time.
    You got some great stuff… and hey, a bonus… the comment box actually showed up for me tonight!

  2. I love finding bargains on high quality items like that. Makes the finds even more precious. Merry Early Christmas to you! (and I thought I was the only one that couldn't get the comment box most of the time) I need to “go hunting” myself sometime soon.

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