Insurance update . . . sort of


I called our insurance and talked to a very nice lady.  I explained what was going on.  I don’t know, usually I communicate fairly well with people.  It was not happening in this conversation.  Finally, I picked up that she did not like that I was questioning the hospital charges AFTER the insurance had paid.  I guess it means maybe someone on the insurance side goofed?  I don’t know.  

We’ve had to file a formal complaint with our insurance and we’ll see what happens.  

Dan’s home for Christmas break.  I had him try to call the hospital today to change his address and to find out how to give the hospital authorization to talk to me.  A woman at the hospital once transferred him to an automated phone thingie.  He called back twice after that. She hung up on him.  

Seriously???????  I’m going to try tomorrow.  

This is all so stoopid.  We want to pay what is due the hospital, but we don’t want to be fleeced.  We’re not looking to have anyone fired or demoted or get in trouble.  For all I know, a wrong code was entered during the billing process.  

Stay tuned . . .

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