Prayers, candles and whatever else you have in your arsenal . . .

I have two very dear friends who could use your prayers, good energy, nekkid dancing – whatever you’ve got in your arsenal right now.  

I cannot give a lot of details as I don’t have their permission.

First, pray for A, 25, and having surgery tomorrow for testicular cancer (folks with boys, teach them to check!).  A is an amazing guy (I want to type kid, but he’s not a kid) and he’s been fighting a hard battle.  This surgery will determine what’s next and we’re all praying that nothing is next – that this is the end of treatment and that he’s cured.  His parents and siblings are stressed and exhausted and trying to be calm … you can imagine.  Keep A in your thoughts tomorrow, please.  

Next, pray for H.  H is 8 and has had seizures since she was born.  She’s in the hospital now and they’re trying to figure out what exactly is going on.  Can you imagine, as a parent, waiting 8 years for an accurate diagnosis?  This new doctor seems great and H is fine, but is confined to the hospital for a couple more days until they can really see what all is going on with her.  

I’ve been friends with A’s and H’s moms since we all met on a pregnancy board in 1999. We’ve shared our trials and triumphs over the years.  I hate that I’m so far away from both of them and that their families are so worried and stressed right now.


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