Our Newsletter

I started writing a newsletter at Christmas shortly before Ian and Tim turned one (Dan had just turned two).  It was quicker and more efficient than writing notes in each Christmas card.  Since then, I’ve kept it up.  This year marks the 20th “Baker Times Journal.”  Each year the number of cards I mail out gets smaller – thanks to the internet mostly.  I still mail a big stack.  Here is this year’s letter:


(Picture L to R: Dan, 21, Ian 19, Andy 13, Tim 19, Mike)

‘Twas right before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
The stockings were lost in the attic somewhere,
But the kids just slept, knowing “Nick” would be there.

The children are sprawled across their small beds,
Home with college and travel-filled heads.
Now Mike gets up early and I stay up late.
Nothing’s prepared us for this near childless state.

Danny is home from engineer school.  Only three more semesters and his life will be cool.
Tim’s getting ready to attend UCF
He’ll be teaching your children  – ugh, what rhymes with “F?”
Ian spent the fall traveling to Dublin and more.  Five weeks? Not enough. He’s planning for more.
And, Andy is stuck with old mom and dad.  He’s been rowing and schooling and not being bad.

The year was full of the usual treats.  Some good and some bad but all were resolved – how’s that for a feat?
This is the year mom’s good old car died.  To keep with tradition, Mike let Andy drive.
So, while Mom was all snuggled up in her nap,
Andy drove into a ditch and popped a hubcap. 
The old car is off to the junk heap at last, and someday we’ll joke about things that are past.

The boys are all turning into fine men.
I sit here wondering, “Where was I again?”

If someone had told me I’d be doing this still, I’d have given them water and a big ol’ blue pill!
And, there it is, if I’ve got it right . . . The 20th newsletter is now out of sight!

Happy 2014 to all and to all a good night!
(with sincere apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

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