Is there an end to insanity?

With Dan (my fellow night owl) being home over the holidays, the holidays themselves and then New Year’s Eve I am beyond out-of-sync with the rest of the world.  I actually felt virtuous going to bed before 4 am last night.  It’s got to stop.  NOW.  Andy starts up with school and rowing on Monday.  Mike is back to work and Ian and Tim are moving on with their lives.  (Dan abandoned us a few days ago.)  So, I am staying up tonight.  All night and all day tomorrow in the hope that I can go to bed at a normal hour Sunday evening and reset my clock.  I have never tried this.  I sure hope it works.  

So, I’m up.  I’ve finished mapping out the rest of Andy’s school year.  I spent the end of the week putting Christmas away.  (And, I must say I did it in an incredibly organized fashion!) Laundry – lots of it – is rolling and I’m trying to get excited about mopping and cleaning the boys’ bathroom.  Seemed like the perfect time to give you all a New Year’s Eve update.

This was a brand new kind of New Year’s Eve.  We ended up with about 50 people here.  The difference?  Many of those people were the older boys’ friends.  Gah!  Young adults, old enough to drink (mostly) with cars?  Talk about ways to bring out the psycho in a mom.  Mike and I enjoyed our time with my parents and the usual list of neighbor suspects.  We played some Uno, ate a lot and monitored the comings and goings of the younger set.  It was fun to have a full room of people singing Happy Birthday to Ian and Tim as they turned 20 – see how cute and not identical they are in the picture?  And, I have to say there were no real issues. I also have to say that I am so beyond glad that my 20’s are behind me.  Way too much work. 

Dan’s roommate from Tallahassee and his girlfriend were left by their ride, but we had air mattresses and plenty of room for them.  It was late when they realized they had no ride.  I welcomed them but warned them I still had a lot of food to clean up and that I would try to be quiet.  Ummm . . . I started out with very little light and tiptoeing through the house when I noticed a noise.  Yep . . . the two guests snoring beyond anything I would have expected from such nice young folk. I turned the lights on, put on my audio book and finished cleaning!  

But, it was still us.  It was still New Year’s Eve.  And no holiday would be complete without our local law enforcement.  Two visits from the police and one from code enforcement.  All had snacks, were very nice and found that we were as harmless as we sound here on the blog.  Oh well, we did get to see some old favorites and that’s always nice.  

I will not complain about being cold because I know many of you live in scary-cold places.  Instead, I will wish you all a Happy WARM New Year!

4 thoughts on “Is there an end to insanity?

  1. I take great comfort in the fact that no matter how shitty things get, there is a crabby old woman living next door to you in Florida who has never had a nice day in her entire life.
    Crazy. I actually feel sorry for her.

    Happy New Year, Amy. 🙂

  2. Awww! Sounds like a great New Year's party! Do you think maybe your neighbor just feels that Tradition must be maintained? I'm sure the nice police officers don't mind the annual visit and snacks! (Not that I wouldn't be annoyed if she was My neighbor, but her awfulness has sort of become part of the event!)

  3. I'm thinking at this point the police just come by anyway without being called. Sounds like you throw the best parties and I'm sure the food rocks. Probably told a friend in Code Enforcement about all the fun and they wanted to check it out too.

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