The best laid plans . . .

don’t really work if you don’t share the details with everyone involved.  I stayed up all night and mopped and cleaned and school-planned and puttered.  Around 7 am, I flopped on the couch knowing that Mike would be up shortly.  Unfortunately, Mike did not know my grand plan.  He tiptoed around, made the boys tiptoe around until I woke with a start around 11.  Stoopid me.

I got up and tried to keep moving all day.  I’ve done eight loads of laundry (I put it off because it’s been relatively cold in the garage), went to Walmart, got a haircut (found an awesome young woman who can actually cut hair with a razor!), managed to find a monster size-13 pair of shoes and some warm clothes for Andy to row in this week, did a ton of rowing paperwork (Lord knows I’m hiding the next Tim Tebow here under the guise of homeschooling), and more!  The last load of laundry is in the dryer and after that I’m going to try and sleep like a sort of normal person.  Keep your fingers crossed!  

In other news, Mike decided to make concrete counter tops for the kitchen over the Christmas break.  He’s been doing something to them all weekend with a grinder and an abrasive wheel.  Initially I was disappointed that he could not incorporate my multi-colored bits of broken glass, but I”m kind of digging how they look now, even just in the back yard.  They will certainly be an improvement over the worn out, rotting butcher block counters we bought nearly 10 years ago with the intention of replacing in 2-3 years!  (The picture gives you and idea of what they will look like – but we don’t have beautiful hardwood floors or an island or anything like this kitchen beyond that!)

Finally, think good thoughts for Andy.  Tomorrow morning he will learn that there is a great likelihood he will be doing Algebra and Latin throughout the summer.  We have done year-round school in the past and it has its benefits, but it’s been several years.  Somehow, I don’t think Andy is going to appreciate the plus side of this arrangement.

One thought on “The best laid plans . . .

  1. What a nice kitchen facelift for the New Year. Be sure to post pics of the finished countertops. I have a friend remodeling her kitchen on a budget and I'm going to pass this along to her.

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