So, a priest, a rabbi and a duck walk into a bar . . .

or not.  Sorry, I couldn’t think of a title for this post.  

Absent again.  At this rate I will never graduate, huh?  Graduate what, you ask? I don’t know, blog school or something.  But, most things in life require you to be present and I haven’t been here.  I’m going to try again.  I have three excuses for being so missing  – – crew, thieves, and illness.

Last week, I attempted to get Andy involved with one of the local high school’s crew teams.  They have a great middle school program and he was all set to start last Monday.  My concern was that he would be okay to row with the program once he hit high school.  If we’re going to invest the time and money required of this sport, I want him to row with a good group of kids for the next 4 1/2 years.  The first practice went really, really well.  The coach was enthusiastic and Andy was happy as well.  Me, being me, managed to have a slight run in with one of the parents as we dropped off our kids, but I pulled up my big girl panties and avoided a full out argument.  (Go ahead, flip me a fish.)  

Next night was a parents’ meeting and Mike and I attended.  After the meeting we approached the high school coach to discuss any issues that might arise with Andy being a homeschooled kid (whose parents pay taxes to the team’s district) rowing for the high school team.  It was obvious as soon as I said “homeschool” that the high school coach was not a fan.  At all.  We were in the midst of thanking him and asking if he could tell us what the best team in the area was when the middle school coach came running over, gushing to the coach “THIS is Mrs. Baker!  Her son is the boy I was telling you about last night.”  Ummm . . . whole new coach.  “Well, maybe we can figure something out,” he said, suddenly willing to work with us.  Sorry, coach, no.  Andy is now with one of the best teams in the south.  It’s a LOT of driving for me but he loves it so far and they love him and they get homeschooling.  We’ll be sure to stop by the other team’s tent at regattas to tell the other coach “Hey and thanks for the recommendation!”  

So, you can sense the grumpiness, right?  I think that was part of me getting sick in time for the weekend.  Ugh. I hate being useless.  The only good thing is that no one else here caught whatever I had and today I felt fully human and the family once again has clean underpants!  

Finally, the thieves.  Last Thursday our bank called to ask if we were trying to buy tickets to Disney from Miami.  Ummmm …. no.  Not just buying tickets, but $1700 worth of tickets.  Who the hell likes Disney that much?????  So this nice bank man puts me on hold to tell the nice Disney lady that the tickets are a no-go.  He came back on the line to tell me the tickets were cancelled along with my debit card.  Fine.  Fast forward to Sunday night.  I checked our bank and *poof* $1700 charged to Disney.  Some dirt bag took 12 or so of his best friends to Disney.  Honestly, if you’re going to steal from me, steal something good.  Disney? Yuck.  

I was at the bank when they opened Monday.  The nice bank lady kept telling me “Because.”  This woman was younger than me, but not too much.  She was certainly old enough to know that “Because” is not an answer to any question.  My specific question?  Where is our money? Why did you not shut this down on Thursday??  Because.  And on and on.  So, I filled out the stoopid form she offered me and she said they’d start an investigation.  START?  Why was it not started on Thursday?  You know, when they, the bank AND Disney, both saw something wrong with the transaction!!!!!!  Because.  We should have our money back in 10 days (or so)  BUT if the bank calls or mails us anything after this and we don’t answer immediately, they reserve the right to take that money back out of our account.  HUH?????  Why? Because. 

Fortunately, we are business owners and therefore wealthy and can afford to have $1700 spent on someone else (because from what I can tell nothing is done to pursue the person who stole our card number) going on a merry Disney vacation.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Disney, but now, I’m a hater.  

So . . . did you miss me?  😉 

4 thoughts on “So, a priest, a rabbi and a duck walk into a bar . . .

  1. Why howdy, sunshine! The theft s u c k s. Banks. Grr. Right up there with insurance companies.

    I always thought public school folks should embrace homeschoolers with open arms–Thank you for paying your taxes but not using our resources! Thank you!

  2. When the bank called you chances are they recorded the interaction…I would call the bank customer service number (not the local bank but the main number) and ask for a copy of the recording and to speak to a supervisor of fraud department. And then review the tape with him or her. Then ask him/her if that was a call about his/her own personal account what would the expected results be…a shut down card and no charge to Disney or would the expectation be that you would be just beginning a fraud investigation? And I would complain about the because lady to the Tippy tippy top of the bank management.

  3. Wow. I'm glad Andy is on a great team, and that you are feeling better (yay clean underwear!), but the thing with the bank….? I would be Furious. They told you they were stopping the charge and then let it go through anyway? I wouldn't know how to start with it, but I like Claire's idea! I hope they fix it quickly, and that you soon have less stress & more time for blogging!

  4. I third it… do NOT take no for an answer. It was not your fuck up. They need to own it. Get on the phone to the bank and start screaming. You can even scream politely. But NO.

    I am so over assholes who don't get homeschooling, too. Fuck them! I had some stupid bitch tell me a few years back that I “wouldn't have to homeschool if you'd just get involved in the school system where Matt goes to school!”

    I smiled at her. Told her it was obvious she'd given it a lot of thought. Told her to have a nice day.
    Inside it was like 'wahwahwah' from Charlie Brown… except it sounded like 'you and the horse you rode in on, granny, you and the horse you rode in on, granny, you and the horse…'

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