TGIF! Am I right?

Sorry, I was channeling Andy.  He says this every Friday in his best snarky hipster voice. It makes me laugh.

But, I AM glad it’s Friday.  It’s been too long since Andy and I have had a solid routine.  Rowing is changing all of that.  It’s 30-40 minutes driving each way.  Gone are my unschooling housekeeping ways – sort of.  Give me another week or so. (If you have any tried and true crock pot or fix ahead kind of dinners, please send them my way.  I’m soooo out of practice!)

On Wednesday, the bank gave us half of our money back.  Last night, we got the rest of the money, but that return is conditional according to a letter I received this morning.  Should the investigation show that I was truly seeking to buy an obscene amount of Disney tickets/merchandise, they can take our money back.  Huh? Switching banks is tempting, but I have not talked to anyone all week who likes the bank they’re dealing with. This makes switching seem even less appealing than it already is.  

Also today I received notice that our insurance has rejected our claim on Dan’s summer medical stuff. According to their letter, they’ve negotiated rates, fair or not, and they’re sticking to it.  Folks, even if you have the best best insurance in the world, question what things cost!  Honestly – no wonder it’s all so expensive.  So we’re on the hook for around $5000. I sure wish Dan had enjoyed himself more. I guess I’ll call on Monday and get it all worked out.  

:::sigh:::: It’s almost like the insurance, the bank, and the hospital all found out we’d bought a new-to-us car and signed Andy up for rowing.  On the upside, Mike and I do not have to make any plans for our retirement.


5 thoughts on “TGIF! Am I right?

  1. I just got a new crock pot cook book for Christmas and have been enjoying it….I it is from southern living ….slow cooker quick fixes…I'll send you an email with some that we have tried.

  2. Yeah, we've learned the hard way about asking for costs. We now keep the website that tells what Medicaid is paid for things so that we know what a “negotiated price” might look like. Rat bastards.

  3. How's this for proof for your Credit Union? They called you at home at the same time the purchase was being attempted in Miami. Do they deny making the phone call verification? Anyway, I hope that's all resolved and settled. Good luck with the insurance co. No advice there.

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