My baby will be fourteen (14) tomorrow!  We celebrated tonight with Andy’s best friends and some of my and Mike’s best friends.  At Andy’s request, there were “Awesome Sandwiches”* and cake and ice cream and a lot of laughing all around.  I think Andy had a good time.  He’s fourteen, who knows?  

This time next year we’ll be talking about a Learner’s Permit and whether I still have the ability to get my feet quickly up to the glove box while I cling to the “Jesus” handle of the car – you know, because that is how you control a car being controlled by a new teenage driver?  For now, we’re just proud of Andy for his diplomatic temperament, his incredible ability to stick out the tough stuff and the fact that he’s hysterically funny and fun to be around.  I think he’s kind of cute too. 

Pass the tissues, I’m all ferklempt.

*Awesome Sandwiches:  London Broil, grilled and sliced super thin.  Sour dough or good Italian loaves of bread sliced open and some of the inner bits scooped out.  Heat the steak in a pan with some spicy marinara sauce.  Put steak on first layer in the bread.  Top steak with caramelized onions.  Top the onions with chopped up pepperocinis (Greek peppers).  Top the peppers with non-smoked provolone.  Stick whole thing under the broiler until cheese is bubbly and beautiful.  Slice to suit whoever is eating.  Repeat until everyone is full.

6 thoughts on “FOURTEEN!

  1. Hi Amy,
    I discovered you blog over the holidays (plenty of free time to read through the archives) and realised I “knew” you for the days of The Denim Jumper. I've currently got two on a Learners license and every time I take them out (me with my foot pressing on the glove box – our “Jesus” strap isn't conveniently positioned) I smile and think of you.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Andy! My “baby” just turned 13 this month, and I bet he'd be an Awesome Sandwich fan too if we turned down the heat a bit. My oldest is about to do the Learner Permit if we can get over to the dmv, but he's worshiped cars since he was born and is studying for his pilot's license, so I suspect he'll be a great driver. There's no way he's going to even let a scratch get on a vehicle.

  3. 14, wow, that's… hard to wrap my mind around. It's kind of awesome and terrifying allatonce. I'm glad it was a happy day, and here's to an amazing year! WOO!

  4. Hi Sandra! I'm so glad you found me here. You might consider a helmet for those driving lessons. 😉

    Lisa – you're so lucky with your first driver. But, good luck with the DMV – that's an adventure in itself.

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