Do you hear what I hear?

I sure hope you don’t hear what I hear!  

Andy and I were driving home from rowing practice (we do a lot of that these days) and he mentioned that he would be going to the Erg (pronounced errrggg – like a caveman) competition at the beginning of February.  Originally, the coach said he was too new to attend.  We were driving with the windows open (smell of sweaty teenage boy post-practice doncha know?) and I heard Andy say that he was going to compete in the Elvis 3K.  

My heart leapt.  A themed rowing event?  Andy had not finished the sentence and I was buying fabric in my mind.  A white spandex rowing suit with an understated cape and a cool collar.  I started peppering Andy with questions about studs versus sequins and how long the shorts on his uni-suit should be.  Andy stared at me like I had three heads.  

I blabbed and blabbed for another ten minutes or so when Andy thought to put the car windows up (gasp).  In the kindest way, he grabbed my arm and mimicked the old guy in Christmas Vacation and said “Thhhhheeeee blesssssinnnnnnggggg.”  This is a family joke for “You’re not hearing what’s going on.”  Verrrryyyyy slllowwwllly Andy explained that he would be rowing in the “Novice 3K.”  Pity the youngest child.

Oh.  Carry on.  

(If anyone wants me to make them an Elvis rowing suit, just let me know.)

One thought on “Do you hear what I hear?

  1. I kind of think I want an Elvis suit. Your enthusiasm is catching! 🙂 Also, bless the home that has codes for things like that. Best. thing. ever!

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