I am sad.  I just finished the last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I never watched it when it was popular.  I was spending my time willing my young children to sleep and just trying to catch up on life.  Plus, we did not have a DVR or streaming Netflix.  

Netflix is going to be the death of me.  The ability to watch multiple episodes does not necessarily equal a good night’s sleep.  But, Buffy . . . sigh.  Such a ridiculous show but it was so much fun to watch!  It did not take itself too seriously and I am going to miss Buffy and Spike and Willow and Xander (though, I hold that is a dumb nickname and a completely stoopid name) and all of them.  For those of you that I doubted when you recommended this show, I take it back.  

I like to think Buffy is now working at CTU with Jack Bauer.  Or maybe she is Jack Bauer?  Either way, the thought makes me happy and I think I will be able to pull myself out of bed tomorrow. 

I have a couple of shows I am looking forward to watching now – Game of Thrones, Boardwalk, House of Cards, something about a Midwife, Leverage and the next season of The Walking Dead.  That should drag me through the summer.  Any other shows I should add to the list? 

3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I loved the first few seasons of Buffy, but then it got old. Wasn't fresh anymore. I didn't watch it when it was on television either, I watched it post surger(ies) on netflix. Perhaps being hopped up on percocet and oxycontin was part of the reason I was so absorbed…

    I did love the dialog and the cleverness, though. And Willow and damned if I can remember his name her boyfriend were terrific supporting characters. Also, I think Xander is a great nickname and I even know a kid with that name. 🙂

  2. I keep thinking Buffy might be fun, some day. We loved Doctor Who,but we've watched all the episodes Netflix has, and I would love to find something else similarly silly but engaging. Black Books was fun, but there weren't many episodes. We tried a few of the CW sort of things — Once Upon a Time(?) and Firefly — but they didn't grab us (not the “royal we” — I watch stuff with the kids, so Game of Thrones, which otherwise would probably be my cup of tea, is out.)

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