Is it really goodbye, Naked-Old-Guy?

Mike has been working out at our YMCA for years and years and years and years.  We used to have a family membership, but me, being pissy like I am, got tired of being priced out of the kids’ programs while being asked to pay more in dues each year to fund free daycare and summer camps that we could never afford for our own kids. All of it made me pissy.  

We went down to a single membership for Mike.  He loves to swim and the Y has a good gym.  I ignored the dues and the steady increases every six months.  Mike is there at 5 am every morning working out and hanging with the other old guys at the Y.  In family legend, however, Naked-Old-Guy will stand out forever.  

Since Andy could talk, Mike has been telling us about a man around 25-30 years his senior who NEVER brings a towel in the morning.  Rather than avail himself of the small towels provided by the Y, the guy just walked around nekkid air-drying himself.  It became one of those things that has just gotten funnier and funnier as the years have passed.  Now, Naked-Old-Guy has been a good friend to Mike and to us.  I’ve never met him, but I have spoken to him on the phone (without a single giggle). He’s a true friend to Mike.  Unfortunately, he was Naked-Old-Guy first.

Today, Mike called me to say he was done with the Y.  The Y not only raised their dues again at the beginning of the year, they discontinued their limited towel service.  Mike said he could never continue his conversations with Naked-Old-Guy if he did not have the option to at least hand him a little towel.  So, Mike found a new gym with a nice pool and he’s making the change.  

We’re all going to miss you Naked-Old-Guy.  (And, yes, Mike and I both recognize that we’re entering Naked-Old-Guy territory soon – but we always bring towels with us!)

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