Weekend Update

From last weekend, here is Ian in his new suit on his way to his friends’ wedding.  How do I have kids old enough to go to their own friends’ weddings?  Once you get past that horrific thought, though, doesn’t he look handsome?  (It’s not really a question . . . of course he does!)

This weekend was the OARS Regatta.  OARS is the team Andy is rowing with (Orlando Area Rowing Society) and the Regatta is our main fundraiser of the year.  I spent most of Friday at the lake helping to set things up. I kept having Buff-the-Vampire-Slayer visions as I was pounding wooden stakes into the ground.  It all came to a peak when I was sent to help assemble a gigantic tent that “just happened” to be encased in a coffin-like wooden box.  I’ve been wearing garlic ever since.  Yesterday was cold and windy and cold.  Did I mention how cold it was? It was amazing to see so many parents who took time from work to come out and help.  We all worked hard and still it felt like we’d never get done.

Today, Mike had to be at the lake at 5 am to help direct parking.  I was not scheduled to work until 10 am. I packed up a couple of blankets and a pillow for Andy.  He left with Mike at 4:30 am, slept in the car until six and then on to his races.  I think there were 23 teams there today.  Each team comes with a bus or a car line of parents, one or two trailers with the boats and usually another trailer with team stuff (tents, food, extra gear) in them.  Mike and his fellow nerdy parking buddies were in heaven.  They had vests, whistles and flashlights.  I’m so happy I missed it all.  

Over 1000 kids raced on Saturday and the weather was perfect! They stayed on schedule and the thousands of people there all seemed to have a really good time.  I did.  Andy got bumped up to two varsity races yesterday. It was so nice to finally have some people around me to ask what it all means. Mike and I both learned so much today.  Andy’s boats did really well.  They finished second in both of their flights and ended up earning the bronze medal for the day.  I still have some studying to do to figure out how that all works, but I feel better equipped.  (Andy is in the black boat, in the fifth seat from the left.)

You can see from the pictures what a gorgeous day we had!  My mom was able to come out and see things today.  We hardly ever see Andy during these events, he sticks with the team.  But, as I was going back to my volunteer stuff and my mom was heading out, Andy caught up with us at the snack place where we were getting water.  Gross and sweaty as he was, he gave Bing a big hug and you could tell from his face how happy he was she was there. Me? He acknowledged me, but we see a lot of each other these days – no hug for me.  (This pic is of Mike and Bing walking into the team tent area.)

When we got home this evening, I had an email from Bing with a book recommendation.  I picked it up on Audible.  I think Andy and I will listen to it next week during our drives.  It has great reviews.  I will let you know if The Boys in the Boat is as good as the reviews make it sound.

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