Up and down and pollen`

It’s that time of year! My car has a permanent green coating of pollen and everyone is grumpy. If I could, I would just sleep until June. But, that’s not an option and I would probably regret sleeping that much if it were.  

Andy’s still rowing. I’m still trying to write for money. My problem is how quickly I get distracted by shiny things all around me. I can go to look up one fact and an hour later I know more than you’d ever want to know about Thonet plywood chairs than you can imagine. To that end, and because I’m on the bottom of the food chain of writing, I’ve been working on writing faster and focusing. 

This week has been all about writing product descriptions – with a timer. I cannot imagine what the people at the library think – I set the timer on vibrate, not beeping, but still. Who knew? I’m kind of good at it. I’ve had a couple of people come back for more descriptions and web content. Slow and steady, right? 

Ian, Tim, Dan and some friends are camping in the Panhandle this weekend. Good luck to them, it’s cold again. I have to say, it’s nice to have Ian and Tim gone. Yes, they’re officially grown ups, but as long as they live here, I worry about them getting home okay, getting up on time, eating actual food, etc.  It’s tiring.  Hooray for a long weekend break and only one kid to nag.  

Andy has another race this weekend. Lo and behold, it’s only about 10 minutes from the house. Mike and I were practically dancing.  Then we read the full race instruction sheet.  “All rowers must return to the boathouse after race to help unload the trailers.”  Mike has said he’ll take him out there. We agreed that while it would be nice to be excepted from this policy, it only opens the door for others to ask to be excused. As long-time parent volunteers who have been stuck doing the yucky stuff while others had good excuses to not do the yucky stuff, we will not go there.

Not too much else is new or exciting around here. I think once I get a handle on writing and get control of my time, I will be around here more often.

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