Greetings from other places . . .

So strange how when things change, they really change. With Andy rowing, me trying to write and everything else going on around us, I keep getting lost and distracted.  

Last week was our county’s spring break. All of Andy’s friends were out of school.  This week is spring break for the county where Andy rows. Rowing has insane mandatory spring practices.  My plan was to split the difference and do “skool-lite” for two weeks rather than a full spring break.  

Week one went fairly well – I was able to get a lot done at home and writing-wise.  Andy kept up with the basics of school and had time to spend with his friends.   This week? To say I was optimistic about keeping up with school is an understatement.  

It starts with the rowing schedule – as you’ll recall from my last whiny post, we were out of the loop re: rowing information.  Imagine my delight and surprise when I received an old e-email explaining that spring break practices would be 7:45-10:30 am and 3:45-6:45 pm.  Yes, twice a day.  It’s a haul for us to go once a day.  

I considered talking to the coaches but Andy was really excited at the prospect of that much time out on the water.  So, like any self-respecting adult, I called my mom.  My parents live a reasonable 12-15 minutes from rowing.  Andy and I moved in with my folks Monday morning and we may never leave! 

Andy is enjoying the rowing but he is EXHAUSTED. We tried school on Monday and he was so tired I just called it a full spring break.  It’s not a race, we’ll catch up eventually, right? We are both having fun spending time with my parents. I’m sure my parents are ready for us to move home so they can get their nice normal lives back. We’re up early and I’m up late.  Somehow our stuff has exploded all over their house.

These morning practices have opened up a whole new world for me. The library is not open that early so I decided to find somewhere else to work. I tried Starbucks early in the week. Yes, it was my very first time in a Starbucks. I don’t like coffee and had no real reason to visit one sooner. Meh. It smelled good. I don’t think I’ll be adding Starbucks to my favorite places list. The middle of the week was spent running errands and that kind of stuff in the morning. 

Today, I thought I’d test out a McDonald’s and their wi-fi while trying to get some work done until Andy’s practice is over. Overall, I like this better.  Lots of windows, it’s busy so lots of good background noise and Diet Coke.  I’ve actually managed to get stuff done. 

We’ll go home tomorrow evening. I have missed Mike and so has Andy. Andy misses Ian and Tim and Cally.  Strangely, I’ve enjoyed sleeping more than I’ve missed the three of them. At my parents’ house, I don’t have to worry how late someone is working or listen for cars in the driveway. It’s been restorative! I’m kind of excited to learn that the bags under my eyes are not as huge or permanent as I have come to believe. 

How are things in your world?

5 thoughts on “Greetings from other places . . .

  1. Eh, you didn't like Starbucks b/c you Just Can't Have Nice Things. I don't like it b/c the chairs suck, but McD's has lousy seating, too. I bet there's some local place with comfy couches and free wifi, if you ever get to vacation at your folks' again.

  2. Twice a day swim practice last summer morning practice was at trinity prep (quite a haul from Kissimmee) so we could swim at a 50 meter pool. I tried a few different places and settled in on McDonalds and would read library books and play on the wifi for two hours (I didn't have to coach because it was only for senior level swimmers). I kept saying I should take the large coolers and grocery shop. But I never wanted to shop more than I wanted to sit. Luckily our other pool is 8 minutes away with traffic, without 5 minutes.

  3. Oh I forgot…I made a friend there of an older lady who enjoyed reading and discussing my books a few minutes each morning. She was a regular there for coffee each morning with her friends.

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