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These are Andy’s hands.  This is the best they’ve looked since he started rowing. I cannot even explain how hard he has worked nearly every day since January.  I’m sooooo proud of him.  

Yesterday, his boat (freshman, 8-man boat) won the gold medal for the Central Florida District!  It was so exciting.  (Of course, I did not have the card for my camera so no actual pictures – doh!)

Next week he goes to Tampa for another race and then the weekend after Easter, to Sarasota for the state championship.  I never thought he would be doing all of this stuff. I thought he would stay in the middle school program. The hard work is paying off, I guess. 

Mike and I are still climbing our way up the learning curve, but we’re getting better.  A wonderful friend gave us their swim meet canopy/tent (their boys are off to college now). Not only did we not get sun-burnt yesterday (it was nearly 90), we were popular.  We met all kinds of new people and they were nice to us in exchange for shade. Hmmm . . . 

Anyway – I had to tell someone!  Yay, Andy!

4 thoughts on “My Blog – My Brag

  1. Congratulations, Andy! It's great that all his hard work and the time you've invested is providing some exciting opportunities. I know he has to be so thrilled. Score on the canopy, too.

  2. Ugh – cannot type tonight.
    Ami – I think it counts – it is fun so far.

    Lisa – the canopy is the best gift ever!!!!!! It made the difference between a fun and a miserable day yesterday.

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