Whew! Thursday is Friday – this week at least!

Mike is taking tomorrow off. We hoped that Andy’s practice would be canceled as well. No such luck. Good news? Mike is doing the driving tomorrow. I have a whole day with no school, no kids, and no laundry (if I remember to get the stuff out of the dryer). I can hardly contain myself. 

Andy had a race last weekend which was fortunately moved from Tampa to here in Orlando. It was a beautiful, beautiful day to be sitting by a lake. It was also a long day. We set up our tent, had more visitors.  But these visitors felt more like renters.  Beyond introducing themselves (you know to get to the shade) they never said another word to me.  Mike was off talking to the other guys.  I so suck in these situations. No one was unfriendly, but they were talking about kind of big stuff (cancer, kids’ grades, scholarships and how fat/lazy/whatever certain girls were on the girls team – GAH!!!! Who talks about kids that way?) and they all (there were 4-5 off and on) obviously knew each other. What do you do in that situation? I just sat and kept knitting and nodded and smiled. It never felt like there was a place to jump in (well, there were a couple of places but I’m not seeking to piss people off, you know?) . . . sigh. Andy did well, though and that’s why we were there, right? 

Still struggling with writing and actually making money, but I do feel like I’m making progress in baby steps. Yahoo published this article and that made me happy. That’s my nephew Jamie up in the upper right-hand corner – about six years ago!  I had a fun project last night – editing a short story. Editing isn’t usually all that fun, but this was from a Russian writer. Challenging. I cannot imagine what I would come up with if I tried to go from English to Russian! Talk about two languages with nothing in common. 

I’m kind of looking forward to next weekend. Andy has the state finals. The rowers are all booked in a hotel – parents just have to get them there. Mike and I agreed that the expense of both of us going for the whole weekend to see a total of 5-7 minutes of Andy rowing was not reasonable. I found (finally) a reasonable hotel that is a straight line to where he rows – I don’t think I can possibly get lost!  I just have to get there for his race and the rest of the time is mine. I’m planning to use the time writing. Any bets on how long it takes me to start walking around the hotel asking if I can do anyone’s laundry? I’ve turned into the biggest procrastinator!

Stopped by a new thrift store this afternoon. It’s pricier than some, but wow.  They had a pair of tags-on Valentino cream-colored leather pants for $15.  I don’t know where you would wear those in Florida, but they felt like butter. I found two really nice dresses – one Talbots and one New York &Company (that brand fits me well). I also picked up two casual skirts (so much cooler in the summer), a linen blouse, two fun t-shirts and a tank top with studs that matched one of the skirts.  I also found two black rugs that appear to have been made for the front of my car.  $39  Not bad. They had a lot of interesting furniture and accessories, but I am saving that for another day.  I’ll be adding this store to my rotation. 😉

In other interesting news, Danny is nearly done with his semester. A year from now he’ll be done.  Yikes!  Ian is going to Florida State in the fall to live with Danny and study Economics.  Tim has been taking three education classes this semester.  He is NOT impressed.  He calls it crowd control and has some issues with having to treat each kid the same no matter what they need.  He is moving on to a degree in Construction Management.  I think it’s a good fit for him and he’s excited to start the summer term.  Sorry school system, I think I might have ruined a good teacher for you. 

Quick update – a few months ago, I asked you all to pray for A as he battled testicular cancer. He went to this 3-month follow up appointment yesterday and is cancer-free! 

My friend, Kay, and her husband, Doug, could use some prayers, positive energy, whatever you’ve got. Doug first got sick when Mike did way back in 2004.  Mike made a full recovery.  Doug has been in and out of the hospital and surgery since then. He’s been admitted for a few weeks AGAIN. Kay and their two sons are handling it, but I cannot even begin to understand how exhausted they all are. 

I hope all is well in your worlds.  

(No reason for the picture – it just looks like something I would do.)

4 thoughts on “Whew! Thursday is Friday – this week at least!

  1. Loved the Yahoo beach article and even this veteran picked up a few good ideas. I've had the same awkward social situation and am lousy at it too. I always try to be aware of other nearby “outsiders” whenever I'm with an established group and find some way to include them because I know how crummy it feels to be left out. Maybe they didn't realize it was your personal tent. Usually when I'm knitting, I'll get questions and it serves to break the ice a bit. Guess they weren't the curious type.

  2. As a mother of girls, I'd have told them to get their fat-shaming asses out from under my tent. but I have HAD it with the world on that front.

    Woo-hoo on the article! Yahoo makes the layout as ugly as possible, bless 'em, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Wrap sandwiches in quarters. Duh. Why did I never think of that?

  3. After having work in the construction field I can say that the strategies taught to Tim for education may well pay off when dealing with adult contractors. 😉

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