And We’re Off!!!!

In a few hours, Andy and I will leave for Sarasota for him to race in the State Championships. I never thought we’d be here this soon, but here we are. Andy is sooooo wound up. I am too, but in a mom-way. 

He’s racing on what they call a Freshman 8 boat. It’s not all freshman, but I think it has something to do with weight or something. (Remember my uphill learning curve?) Anyway, Andy’s boat is a great group of boys and they are ranked right now as one of the three the fastest Freshman 8 boats in the state.  Go figure. 

The boys even made themselves t-shirts based on Freshman 8 – they’re calling themselves the FR8 (get it, freight?) train. Cross your fingers tomorrow around 10:30 and again for Sunday (if they make the finals).  I may not get rowing, but I love that Andy loves it so much and that it’s going well.

While you’re crossing things, cross your legs and hope I don’t get lost. It looks pretty much like a straight shot from here, but you know how that goes with me.

And, now cross your arms and eyes for my hotel.  I booked a hotel earlier through Orbitz for Friday and Saturday. (The kids are staying in their own hotel with tons of chaperones and tons of death threats to behave from coaches and parents.) When we got Andy’s race time, I opted to cancel Friday night.  UGH. Orbitz cancelled the whole hotel and would not let me go back.  My new search gave me four hotels in the entire Sarasota area – 2 were more than $350 per night and 2 were less than $100 but with so-so reviews.  Let’s hope it’s okay.  I’m not that picky.  I want wi-fi, basically clean and no drug deals in the parking lot. 

Talk to me about hives!  I have icky hives all across my collar bone. I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking Easter candy as that’s the only new thing we have in the house. I cannot take Benadryl (it makes me beyond hyper), but I got Benadryl lotion.  I have packed shirts that cover the area since it’s supposed to be 90+ tomorrow and Sunday. Is there anything else I can do other than let it run through my system?

I’ll post an update when I get back to my hotel (if I’m not mugged and if I have wi-fi).  😉

5 thoughts on “And We’re Off!!!!

  1. Hope all goes well. Such a strange thing, rowing. Repetitive. Or at least that's how I see it from the kitchen table where I'm sitting. 🙂

  2. There's a big Pepsi sponsored bowling tournament this weekend in the Sarasota/Bradenton area that's booking up all the hotels too. Our boys had an 8am squad this morning so we were in the same spot a couple weeks ago trying to find a room for Friday night. All the tournament hotels were booked and everything else was too expensive. We ended up at the Ramada Sarasota on 41 (north of the airport) and I would recommend it for what you're looking for if you need to stay there again. After taxes we paid $120 for 2 queens for the 4 of us. Not great, but way better than $300+ and it's during season and last minute. We booked through The reviews were accurate. It's a older facility, but it's been renovated and it was very clean, well lit and safe and had free wifi and continental breakfast. (Had to skip the breakfast so no review on that. One son woke up with a stomach bug and had to miss his bowling too.) Very important for me too – no bedbug reports at Bowling Tournament continues tomorrow, but their squad is at 1p, so we drove home and are going back up in the morning.

    It was a gorgeous day to be out on the water. I hope the FR8 Train was victorious today and does well tomorrow too.

  3. Ami – I think the appeal is the repetitiveness – kind of like people who think running is fun. 😉 Andy is always full of amazing ideas and insights after practice when they are doing a lot of water rowing. I think what Andy is doing now looks fun (in a way that means fun for someone young, not me) but in the fall they do long distance rowing and I cannot even imagine that. Ugh… Of course, I bring knitting to the events – repetitive much? LOL

  4. Lisa- we were staying really close to each other. I've made a note about the Ramada. I was at the Rodeway ($75 on Orbitz) and it was clean, free wifi, pool, and fine until late at night. I'm a night owl, so if it bothered me, it would bother just about everyone!

    How's your sick son? And I never knew. How did day two go?

  5. We looked at the Rodeway and others along that line for something maybe a bit newer than the Ramada if we need to stay up there again. The son with the upset stomach was a real trooper and dragged himself out of bed on Sunday for the drive back to Bradenton and he bowled his 6 game squad with his brother. He avg'd 147 with a high game of 177 and did well on every game. Not his best bowling, but outstanding considering his condition. (Remember how much your back and ribs hurt after throwing up a lot?) He had a good time. He profoundly observed that that bowling alley is a lot more fun to bowl at than to throw up at. LOL The tournament continues next weekend and the Director offered to let our son make up his missed squad next Sunday afternoon, so he'll have a chance to go back in good form.

    I found several years ago when we would road-trip to Indiana. I always checked the status of the off-the-highway places we stopped on my phone. I'd rather pay 40-50 bucks more for a room than to bring bedbugs home and have to hire a pest control fumigator. I always check the registry and then pull back the covers to the mattress and check again myself. Nasty buggers have been reported in even some swanky FL properties. I don't trust anywhere. Keep everything in your suitcase and keep suitcases off the bed.

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