And … we have parking lot fight!

The hotel has been fine, but there is a crazy woman out there right now raising hell.  She’s dressed in athletic clothes and is wee tiny.  I’m not sure if she’s drunk or had an extra red bull, but she’s loud as hell.  Woohoo.

But, to the important stuff!  Andy won today.  It’s just beautiful here in Sarasota (if you erase all the old people in spandex – yikes).  The rowing venue is amazing.  Big screens so you can actually see the whole race.  It was all very exciting and eye-opening for me.  They had an announcer that was terrific at explaining things – I learned a lot today.

Did I mention Andy’s boat kicked butt?  That’s a picture on the jumbotron of the start – Andy’s team is in the white boat in the middle – they’re wearing orange/blue.  He races again tomorrow am and then in the afternoon for the championship.  Keep things crossed please.

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