Home again, home again

Another regatta done. I cannot handle this kind of stress – you’d think I was the one competing. True to form, I overslept this morning. Made it to the venue on time, but was sent to Siberian parking and missed the first race, crying into my phone to Mike, and waiting for the scary golf-cart tram. 

The boys won their first race.  The finals were split by 1 second with Andy’s boat coming in 2nd.  It was really an awesome race.  It’s up to the coaches whether or not Andy’s boat goes to the regionals next month (hope he decides soon so I can find a hotel).  The boys were disappointed this afternoon, but after talking with their coaches, they perked up.  I hope they can get a shot at regionals.

The rest of the day was filled with incredibly close, fast races. I wish I had known about this in high school – it looks like so much fun! It was also amazingly hot.  I cannot believe what I was willing to pay for a bottle of water by the end.

Here are a couple of decent pictures I managed to get. I’m most definitely not a photographer!

 7:00 am Saturday – the main walkway with parents and rowers tents set up on either side.  The flags are from each of the teams.  Add about 1000 hot sweaty rowers and another 2000 hot, sweaty parents and the day is complete.

7-ish Saturday – this is near the finish line.  Fill beach with screaming people and fill the water with 7 boats (9 kids each) and three referee boats and the picture is complete!

3:45 Sunday – parents and OARS team (not rowing) wait to cheer the last two varsity races of the day.

4:30 Sunday – the rowers start loading the boats onto the trailer for the drive back to Orlando. The kids have a system but it looks like chaos and makes me want to hide under a car when I watch.

2 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. Congratulations to Andy and his team. I'm sure everyone will be taking notice of them next year and maybe they will get a shot at Regionals. Crossing fingers here.

    It's really hard to take good photographs of large scale, crowded events like this. I struggled similarly trying to capture the bowling tournament. So not good at action shots and we're only allow to take flash photos during warm-ups anyway. I have pics of a lot of backs. LOL

  2. Lisa – I'm so glad I'm not alone in the struggling with pictures department. I've started stalking people with really good cameras who seem to know what they're doing. A lot of times they'll share pictures. Of course, I don't share them here w/out permission – which I usually forget to ask for.

    Maybe we will both figure it out in time?

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