Yay May!

 Happy May.  I am definitely getting old or something – I have been so wiped out this week I cannot even explain it. It’s been rainy here and that leads me to believe that I could never live in Seattle. Pitter patter of rain works on me like a sleeping pill.

Andy is going to the SE Regional Championships next weekend (May 9-10).  (The terrible video is of Andy’s first race last weekend – they’re the boat out front that I keep missing with the camera.) They don’t race Freshman boats in regionals.  The coaches were disappointed in the boys Varsity 8 boat last weekend – a bunch of seniors at the end of their high school lives unmotivated???? Who knew.

A Varsity 8 boat is generally any team’s best boat with the oldest, strongest kids. The coaches have opted to put Andy’s Freshman 8 boat in as the OARS’ varsity 8 boat next weekend.  Andy is excited but said, “We’re going to be crushed.”  And, most likely they will be crushed.  His boat of young guys (14-15-newly 16) will be going against seniors, 18, some 19.  There’s a BIG difference in strength and skill.  But, I figure the coach has some level of confidence that the FR8 Train won’t embarrass themselves or the team so we’ll see what happens.

What’s crazy about this regatta is that one of my homeschool friends, Melissa, has a son who will be there.  I’ve known her for years and years online but, sadly, she’s not coming to this one.  I’ll be cheering for her boy, though.  Small world, huh?

In other news, I keep writing. I’m not making great money yet, but things are picking up and I feel like I’m making progress. I’m starting to believe it’s just a matter of sticking it out until you get enough repeat customers willing to pay a reasonable rate.  But, it’s more $$ than I was making pulling change from the dryer and I’ve “met” some new and interesting and/or weird people.  It’s fun.

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