Slacker – that’s me!

I have no excuse other than days just whiz by and I’ve not blogged. I’m sorry to leave you all hanging and unable to go on with your own lives. 😉

This past weekend, Andy went to the SE Regional Regatta as I mentioned in my last post. And, as I mentioned, his boat was outweighed and out-manned by the other competitors.  There is a huge difference between 14-15 and 18-19 year-old  boys/men.  Still, Andy’s boat managed a great time for their own records and they all had fun over the weekend. 

Mike went as a chaperone. He had fun running around with the boys but, man, was he a tired puppy when he got home Sunday night!  He waited until 8:00 pm.  By 8:01 he was snoring.

Here is some video – the first race you see involves half of the boat that Andy’s team replaced – they are in the dark boat wearing navy with an orange stripe.  Look at the size of those “kids” and picture a boat of Andy’s – about 6′ tall and maybe 135? (I smell a hit tv show – SuperModels Crew Team) Their coxswain – a wee girl who scares the s**t out of those eight boys- was allowed to carry 40 lbs of sand into the boat to help equalize the weight with the other boats and it didn’t make a dent. 

Doesn’t it look like fun though? (Of course, the video cuts off right before Andy’s race . . . lol – we’re so spoiled with technology, huh?)

I stayed home, what with Mike chaperoning and Andy bunking with his boat mates.  As it happened, Ian and Tim were gone to the beach for the weekend.  It was just me and Cally.  Weird. I did a lot of cleaning – baseboards, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets – stuff I don’t normally mess with because well, they’re just boring to clean and they get undone quickly.  A little sushi for dinner and then I was confused. 

I sat on the couch for a minute and woke up when Mike called to say goodnight at 9:30. And then I woke up at 6:30 am stiff and really, really confused.  I have not slept for that long without interruption in years.  But, honestly, what are you supposed to do at 6:30 in the morning? Even Cally wouldn’t give me the time of day.  I ended up at Walmart buying the week’s fill in groceries, some fabric and chocolate. 

I came home to a spotless house, no laundry and nothing fun I wanted to do (I ate the chocolate on the way home). I actually took a nap that afternoon.  So very sad.  I’m happy to have everyone home again because now I know what to do.  Good thing Andy is going to homeschool college – just don’t tell him. 

Other news? Ian bought himself a car!!!  A 2006 Toyota Corolla.  It’s cute (in a manly way, of course) and I think he’ll get a lot of miles out of it.  It should, at the very least, cut down on the confusion about who’s working when and how they are getting there and getting home.  No more midnight runs to pick one or the other up. Yay!

Two more weeks of school. Finally, I will be done with 8th grade forever and ever and ever, amen. Now to find real-life applications for my mad algebra skills.

Danny is coming home for the first time since New Year’s – just a long weekend, but it will be fun to see him. He’s only got two semesters left and he’ll graduate.  How weird is that?  

I’m still writing for money – sort of. The pay is abysmal for beginners like me and the content is dreary and hard to glean inspiration from. I’m definitely faster and able to churn out content but it is not edifying in the least. Some of the things I have enjoyed writing are earning me repeat customers but now it’s time to find out how much they like my writing or how much they like running a sweatshop.  Ugh. I don’t want to make a fortune, but I do expect to surpass minimum wage. We’ll see what happens.  The whole global market thing means I am competing with writers from India and other places where writing for $.01 a word is a good living. 

One thought on “Slacker – that’s me!

  1. Have always thought you MIGHT be a slacker. Then, I looked it up in the dictionary.
    And your picture was beside the word.

    Wow, was that a revelation.

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