Back again . . .

I really cannot get my act together. Between rowing and writing and school and trying to keep the rest of our lives sorted out, I feel like I need another 3-4 hours a day. 

Danny came home this weekend.  We have not seen him since New Year’s. It was so nice to have my “baby” here for a bit, though I didn’t actually see to much of him and his Kris Kringle red beard!  I’m thinking maybe we should have named him Thor.  He left tonight and I feel lonely without anyone coming out for a late night conversation.  But, good news, we’ll see him next month – it’s time for Beach Week this June!  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it – all the boys will be there.  My sister and her kids will be there. My brother, my parents. And, we’re celebrating my parents’ 50th Anniversary! Cool, huh?

Hoping to get things under control this week.  Andy is dropping down to 3 x’s a week practices instead of six.  That frees up hours of my life. We might actually finish 8th grade on schedule after all.  

Our first night of no practice will be spent shopping for suits for Andy and Mike for the year-end rowing banquet. This is easily going to be the most expensive dinner of our lives. I will picket if they serve chicken. Buying a suit for Andy is ludicrous.  He grows about 1″ a day. The plan is to get a suit for Tim, who I think is done growing, and let Andy wear it for a night. Mike, well, Mike just needs a suit that is from this century. My plan is to wear yoga pants, one of Andy’s rowing t-shirts and high heels and call it good. Gah!

3 thoughts on “Back again . . .

  1. To get more life out of dress pants or to handle too long pants from Goodwill, I just pin up the hem with a couple small safety pins on the two seams inside without pressing in the hem. It looks fine and much better than the kids that just have their pants bunched at the ankles. Before I wash them, I undo the hem and leave the safety pins in the seams to mark the level. Not pressing or washing in a hard hem prevents the hem line. After washing, I just repin the hem or adjust it down some as needed. I've made pants 4″ or more too long work and had the boys grow into them. Mind boggling on that day when you realize that enormous hem isn't necessary anymore. This should work great too for sharing pants between Tim and Andy.

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