So where were we?

Time is just flying by and I feel so busy. I’ve been writing a lot, but also trying to find a balance between being a paid writer and a writer who works for pennies.  It’s harder than I thought. 

This coming week is our last week of rowing for a few weeks before the intensive summer camps.  I never thought we would be the parents doing this. But, Andy is my kid who never asks for anything – never has – and this is something he REALLY wants to do. I don’t know that you could actually force a kid to do this kind of thing but anyone trying to force rowing on their kid is a sadist. So, I’m going to enjoy my couple of weeks off and we’ll be back at it.  

This week is the rowing banquet.  Mike and Andy are going to be so handsome in their suits, I’ll post pictures. I went to a consignment shop I’ve been meaning to visit forever in search of a dress. On a whim, I asked the woman who looked in charge if she had something suitable for a banquet. (I’m such a wuss, I never, ever talk to people if I don’t need to.) POOF!  This woman walks to the back  of the store, hands me a dress.  It fits like it was made for me.  She even told me what shoes and jewelry to wear. I feel guilty for how little the dress cost me – though, I loved the store, so maybe in the long run it will even out.  (Okay, I can’t not tell.  $11 – wait until you see it!) (Local people – the consignment store Margot’s Place next to Publix in the Winter Springs shopping plaza – great jewelry, excellent clothes – lots of Loft and Ann Taylor if those fit you and the owner is pretty good at sizing up her customers!)

We went to a party at our former neighbors’ new house last night. And, because I cannot travel with just one boy in my car, we brought three neighbor kids with us to visit their friends. I love my new-to-me car, but it’s no suburban.  Gah – we were squished in there like sardines. I have to admit to being jealous – the old neighbors’ new house is an awesome house for parties.  There’s a big screened in pool/jacuzzi, a fire pit and a huge, huge bonus room with space for tons of kids to hang out too.  We met a lot of new people – it was fun – Mike loved it. I’m exhausted today, but I always am after meeting lots of new people. Mike doesn’t get how hard it is for me, but he was nice and let me sleep in this morning.

I have a huge to-do/want-to-do list that is making me nuts, but there just isn’t time! I’m hoping to get to things in the time off from rowing. And, it’s been two years, I’ve got an itch to paint the inside of the house again.  Something is so wrong with me.  (Surprise, huh?)

June should be fun.  We’ll be celebrating my nephew’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, my birthday (sniff – the last year of my 40’s), my parents’ 50th and beach week.  And, beach week is going to be awesome with all kind of guest star visitors.  I see lots of fun in the future. I can’t talk about a lot of it here, but you’ll learn soon enough.  

Speaking of June and beach and bathing suits . . . I found an excellent suit at Target the other day. It does everything the $100 Land’s End, etc. suits I have had did but at less than half the price.  This is the suit.  Read the reviews and believe them. I wore it last night at the neighbors’ new house party and was very comfortable walking around.  There is something to be said about a swimsuit made by the same people who brought you Spanx I guess.  😉

Anyway, I cannot think of a figure this suit would not flatter. There was also this suit. It is so cute, but it is definitely made for women who are well-endowed. Everything else is flattering, but if you can’t fill the cups, you’re going to be in trouble.

And, once again, more than you ever wanted to know about my life. Right here.

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