All Dressed Up!

 Tonight was Andy’s end-of-the-year banquet for rowing. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but it was a very nice (albeit incredibly expensive all-told) night.  There was some fundraising and a lot of awards, mostly for the graduating seniors on the team. One of the parents put together a really nice video and slideshow too. 

It’s pretty rare that we are all dressed up – so before we left, we ran across the street and asked the neighbor to take our picture. As you can see above, Andy has the photogenic thing down.  Mike, not bad.  Me???? I’d rather have a root canal.  But it’s nice to have a picture marking the event.  (Next time, I might try to dry my hair first. LOL)

I’m pretty sure Andy had grown out of his suit by the time we got home. ( Dan, if you’re reading this, we have a very nice grey suit here for you. ) Knowing how rarely we dress up, I made Andy borrow a pair of Tim’s shoes.  Size 13 feet squashed into a size 10 1/2?  By the end of the night, Andy and I were both walking barefoot back to the car.  (My shoes, which I have worn before, were too big. No clue why. I am just proud of myself for not falling or walking out of my shoes!) You can send the hillbillies to the Waldorf-Astoria but they’re still hillbillies when they walk out the door. 

3 thoughts on “All Dressed Up!

  1. Well, I'm of the opinion that it just wasn't a good party if you leave with your shoes on. We need to live closer together. 😉 You all look fantastic! I remember when you weren't the shortest one in the family… weird. But gorgeous – you all pulled it together very well!

  2. I'm with you Dy! A good party means shoes in hand (or left there) and laughing the whole way home.

    Thanks Dy and Joy. I always feel like a fraud when I dress up.

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