Two weeks off – I’m sore confused

 Today starts the first day of two full weeks off of rowing. I was so confused all day. We’ve finished school (except a little math) and I had nowhere to drive, yet, I kept hesitating to start anything. I have a couple of writing projects that need my attention. But, I’m no longer going to “my” library desk because it’s way-the-heck out by rowing! I’ve become inordinately attached to my library space. I decided to create my own desk for working from home – the kitchen table was okay for editing and fill-in stuff, but it’s too high and I hate the clutter of all my stuff on the table.  I like my new little space.  It’s tiny, but if I have to spread out I can still steal the kitchen table. 

I accomplished quite a bit today – while totally ignoring my to-do list. I am hoping tomorrow will work out a little better.  You can’t see it in the photos, but I have a dry erase board all for myself and it’s full of stuff to do.  Tomorrow is mostly stuff I like – I knocked out a lot of stoopid, have-to-do stuff today. 

And, now, my questions for you.  Who knows about doing outside projection – movies and photos? Is there an easy way to accomplish this for a small group with a lap top?  Anyone have any great ideas for getting kids to help with decluttering (an article) – I’m pretty good at this, but I could use more ideas.  Finally, does anyone know any good books on natural consequences for kids? (Another article) I’d like to offer more than just my advice – I’m just another mom.

(This whole writing this is weird. One day in January, I announced, I am a writer. Voila! People believe it and pay me small amounts of money to write stuff. How do they KNOW I’m a writer? I’m tempted to announce to the world that I am a best-selling author and see what happens!) 

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