Another year . . .

I’ve been 49 for one hour. So far no need to call emergency services and I have not broken a hip. Still, I’m not thrilled. I don’t want to get/be old. I dunno, I thought I would have accomplished a lot more by now. I don’t know what I think I should have accomplished, but you know that feeling.

48 has not been a bad year:

Upside – I am making money writing. More and more I am doing work I like instead of soul-sucking “content” designed to manipulate people.  I suppose I could make as much working at Target, but I can write in my pj’s and on my own time.  So, yay!

Upside – Andy has found a sport he loves and that keeps him off of the street corners at night.(Remember how he was running those horrible dice games?)

Upside – Dan, Tim and Ian all have plans. Ian navigated Europe on his own quite well and is headed to FSU in August. Tim has narrowed things down to what he wants to do and will stay here and go to UCF. Dan continues to thrive on the engineer’s life at FSU.

Upside – pretty much my whole life. We own our business, things are tight, but they are okay. Everyone is healthy. I may hate getting old but I have not a single thing to complain about.

This afternoon we celebrated Father’s Day and my birthday (see how the capitalization is reversed?).  Mike made an amazing S’mores cake.  My neighbors came over and brought me beautiful flowers. Mike and the boys bought me a portable ice maker.  (Weird? For sure, but I have a thing about ice and the ice maker in the freezer just died and is pricey to fix – like buy a new one or fix it pricey).  Ahhhh ice.

So, happy birthday to me. Enjoy the cake  – wish it was scratch and sniff.  In the meantime, send support garments and whatever ointment it is old people like – I like the smell of Vicks’s, can that be my ointment? 

5 thoughts on “Another year . . .

  1. Happy Birthday, Amy! I did the 49 thing a few weeks ago. No fractures yet. First year in 12 that I wasn't at FPEA for my b-day. Decided to skip it this year. We hadn't planned on homeschooling and certainly not for 18 yrs. before we had kids, but it sort of worked out that way. Not sure where I thought I might have been if I'd kept working, but I wouldn't trade one day of homeschooling our boys to find out. So happy the writing for pay is beginning to pan out.

  2. Happy Birthday! I still have 3 1/2 months to go before 49, but I'm not crazy about that number either. Actually, it's the next one that bothers me. I always meant to be … an author, I guess. Something scholarly that didn't involve teaching. But I forgot to learn the Scholarly Things, so it doesn't seem likely, at this point. Anyway, congratulations on your increasingly successful writing career! I'm glad you're getting to do more enjoyable and less just-for-the-money stuff!
    Also, the flowers and the wall-writing are just lovely! You really could be a decorator, as well as an author!

  3. Claire – I know where you live, you should be nicer to your elders!

    Thanks for the compliments, Melora. We should do Nano together in November. Then we'd be authors and we can each publish a couple of vanity copies. 😉

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