Have to share this –

I have posted so much about rowing these past six or so months. I’ve only had glimpses of it myself, I just know that Andy loves it.  This video was taken of the boat from Andy’s team that recently participated in the US Nationals. They did not place nationally but, they won the race in this video.

The voice you hear is the coxswain (say coxen). Andy swears this boy sounds nothing like this in real life, only when he’s on the boat!  The boy you see rowing is in the first seat  and is called the “stroke.” He is the most technically sound rower and sets the pace for everyone behind him.  Yes, behind him! There are seven young men behind the boy in the video.  Gives you an idea of how well coordinated they are.  Each seat on the boat has a job. The coxswain’s job is to keep them together and focused.

I love the coxswain on this boat – I think he does an amazing job!

The rowing itself? Each kid has an oar and they go left, right, left right. What you see the boy in the video doing is what Andy does for several hours a day nearly everyday. He loves it. Me? My stomach muscles hurt from watching this video.

Anyway, I thought the curious among you might get a kick out of this.  If you can’t tell, the OARS (Andy’s) team wins in the end. 

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