The Best 50th Anniversary Ever!

Since 1999 my family has been meeting up every other year at the beach. We rent a house and let the cousins run wild while the grown ups get to spend some time catching up. It’s been an amazing tradition – my parents had four grandkids when we started, now they have seven. This year was special as it coincided with my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. 

We rented a big house since we can no longer count the kids as half-people. Four of my parents best friends came for the middle weekend of our two weeks. Two of my cousins and their families were there as well.  The kids had friends staying in town too.  We had an anniversary party.  It was supposed to be a beautiful party on the great big patio of the house but, of course, the only day it rained all night was that night. The college kids and cousins moved more furniture and accessories to make this thing work on the main floor of the house.

Mike grilled shrimp, salmon, steaks and chicken in the rain while wearing his statue of David apron. The “kids” made veggie shish kabobs for the grill. We had stacks of garlic bread. Lots and lots of wine. An amazing cake with some champagne. And then the “kids” tore it all down and we had a dance floor!  Ian made a playlist of late 50’s/early 60’s music.  There were hula hoops.  There were old photographs and lots of hugs and tears and laughter and more hugs. 

And, then Danny blew us all away.  Remember the girl that is a friend?  He proposed to her right in the middle of the party.  She said yes. More tears. More champagne. More hugs.  Christi is the girl I have been waiting for all of these years!  Her mom and dad and brother were there too.  Sue, Christi’s mom, and I joked about trying to make their early dating difficult.  We failed. Happily so.  I expect a wedding next summer – Christi is off to graduate school in Michigan and Danny has two semesters left in Tallahassee to finish his degree. 

There was so much more to this vacation, but these are the big highlights. What a lucky, wonderful family (and that includes all the guests!) we have.  I’ll have more later. 

5 thoughts on “The Best 50th Anniversary Ever!

  1. All of that is wonderful. The way the 'kids' pitched in. Er, I mean young adults. To the fact that your parents have been married 50 years. And that your son is getting married. I wish them at least 50 years of happiness, too!!

  2. Wow! How exciting — the girl who is a friend skipped the girlfriend stage and went straight to wife! I have to say that I admire that (I dread the dating drama but do hope my kids will get married some day!). Congratulations to Danny and Christi, and to you and Christi's mother!

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