Thanks for the concern, GM.

I have been having issues with my key getting stuck in my car – the car will not turn on and the key gets stuck in the ignition. But, it was random and seemed to resolve itself after 10-15 minutes. But, then I was having other issues so we took it to the mechanic last Tuesday.  I picked it up Friday. Drove to Lowe’s, picked up paint samples, came out and the key was stuck again.  Grrrr…When it finally decided to start again, I went back to the mechanic and had Ian pick me up.

My mom just let me know (because she’s an informed person who watches the news) that my car is part of GM’s latest round of recalls.  The part I liked best was this advice:

A second recall for unintended ignition key rotation covers 616,179 vehicles globally. They are the 2013-’14 Cadillac CTS and 2004-’06 Cadillac SRX.“Until the ignition recall repairs have been performed, it is very important that customers remove all items from their key ring, leaving only the vehicle key, and always use their seatbelts,” GM said. “The key fob, if present, should also be removed from the key ring. GM did not respond immediately to a query from Edmunds asking for details about specific fixes for each recall, start times and any further instructions for consumers.

Nice to know they’re looking out for consumers.  I hope the mechanic has some kind of secret network with information on how to fix it.  What are the odds GM will reimburse us?  


3 thoughts on “Thanks for the concern, GM.

  1. My Jeep has had a recall for over a year. You know, cause it can blow up if I'm rear-ended. But…they don't have the parts ready yet. Still. Got a letter 5 months ago telling me they'll let me know when the parts are in.

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