What’s Your Super Power?

Mike’s super power is cake.  Look at that thing!  It weighed about 10 pounds.  Chocolate layers of cake – each with a graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache between the layers, all covered in a marshmallow-y meringue (slightly burnt with a torch).  The best s’more ever. 

We, along with our across-the-street neighbors, invaded our old neighbors’ new home (and pool and kitchen) with cake last night to celebrate all four of their birthdays.  The kids swam, we soaked in the hot tub (to work off the amazing dinner and cake, dontcha know) and played music old enough to scare the kids into the house.  Excellent night. Happy Birthdays Lori, Platt, Vanessa and Norman!!!! 

It was nice to have a fun night. I’ve been in a funk since returning from the beach. Too much happiness, sadness and bittersweet-ness to process. I haven’t been able to collect my thoughts long enough to do anything coherent.  As a result, Ian (who leaves for Tallahassee on Wednesday) is suffering from my random attempts at shopping to get him ready, the walls are splotched with four different color paints as I try to decide on a neutral color.  I’ve never really done neutral and it’s making me crazy. The one I like is called hummus and that is just a terrible, terrible name for paint. It’s actually making me hesitate.  In addition, I’ve been setting up Andy’s school for next year, dealing with car repairs (it’s almost right!) and ghost-writing an e-book for someone.  Throw one more shiny thing at me and I might just explode or burst into tears.

But, the cake was amazing enough for me to get back here to show off my amazing husband’s talents.

My plan is to get my act together this week and get back to blogging regularly. We’ll see. 

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