Stay Classy . . . or not . . .

Running errands yesterday, I found myself in Old Time Pottery. It’s a huge, scary store full of anything home/garden/food related. It’s not my favorite place, but if I’m near the store, I will stop in because they often have fun fabric for cheap if you’re willing to sort through it. I love fabric, all of it, so I’m always willing to sort through it!

I was also on the look-out for a box to put my mom’s b-day gift into.  I was in no rush, cruising up and down the aisles. I am amazed at the things for sale and the fact that they would not be for sale if someone out there was not buying them.

I found the aisle with the boxes.  A woman, another woman who HAD to be the first woman’s sister and the teenaged daughter/niece lined up next me.  One of the women proceeded to announce that they should be at Hobby Lobby.  “Hobby Lobby has classy signs and boxes,” she pronounced. “This stuff here? It’s not classy, it’s crap. Crap, not classy. Don’t buy crap. You should buy classy things.”

I dunno. Call me a snob, but when someone is talking about decorating their home, the minute I hear the word “Classy,” I think fiber-optic fountains and/or unicorns, Velvis paintings and all things unexplainable and slightly scary. If you have to add the word “classy,” odds are, no matter the situation, it’s not classy. If you throw the charming word “crap” into the mix, I’m not sure what happens because I simply shut down.

I’m word-sensitive, dontcha know? Add to my list of words that should never be uttered:  “classy” and “crap.” Terrible, ugly words in writing and spoken aloud. Go ahead, I’ll wait, add them to your list of banned words, too. 

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