So maybe easy is overrated . . .

The professonal:

I spent the afternoon writing a short e-book for one of the online sites. The guy I am writing for is nice enough, but looking at his picture (and who knows if that is real) he appears to be about 12. I sent him the first 1/2 tonight and now I wait. I hope this will be my last ebook written for someone else. The pay sucks and writing for people who don’t know what I’m writing for them sucks even more. Still. It’s quick money when you need it and this month, we need it.

Now to find some real live people I know who need some writing done. I’m doing some writing for our family business – set up the website and wrote it. I can use that. I am about to do the same for my neighbors who are launching their own business. I can use that as well. Now to find some established businesses that want a regular blog or email to connect them with their customers.

The not-so-professional:

In the past 3+ weeks, Andy has gained 7 pounds! Amazing what cramming 5000-6000 calories a day into a kid will do. It’s not showing on him, but I guess it will eventually. I think it’s starting to show on me and Mike, though. We might have to start plowing the back 40 or something to keep up with the butter and ice cream and deliciousness. In the meantime, Andy is enjoying his 1/2 heavy cream & 1/2 whole milk quart of chocolate milk after every workout! (I know, it’s a toss between ‘blech!’ and ‘ooohh can I have a sip?’)

Dan, Tim and Ian are all settling into their new work/school routines. Ian called to tell me an iron had fallen as he was picking up a book and ruined the screen on his laptop. Me? I shrieked, “An iron? You guys own an iron? Who is using an iron?” Nice, huh?

(It was Dan. This is his senior year and he is doing a lot of presentations and interviews. I DID buy him some grown up clothes last time he was home, but ironing?????? Beyond my wildest dream! I have a hard time thinking of Dan as anything other than my flannel child. Huh.)

One thought on “So maybe easy is overrated . . .

  1. I thought the same thing about David (my khaki cargo shorts and non-descript t-shirt kid) as I dropped him off at the airport last week in his business suit for his interview that morning in Memphis, TN with FedEx. He blended right in with the rest of the real world catching the first flight out of the day.

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