Dark and stormy 10 days is more like it!

sad selfieHi all!

I’m back from the dregs of misery – I’ve been totally wiped out for the last two weeks. I’m climbing my way out and still trying, futilely, I think, to get on a normal schedule.My family tree says Irish, but I’m thinking there’s some Transylvania in there somewhere.

Now, post-blech, I’m scrambling to catch up. Believe it or not, Andy has not been into teaching himself Geometry, Latin or French. Can you say car school? As always happens when I’m laid up for a while, I dream up all kinds of projects and things that MUST be done.

So, now, I’m scrambling to catch up, post-blech and facing a half-written Christmas e-book, a semi-painted washer/dryer (I dunno, seemed important when I started.  Damn fumes.), and a floor that is threatening to grow moss if I don’t mop soon.  I’ve reached a point where I’m wondering how long it would take for moss to sprout – it’s been that long. As long as I’m sharing weird thoughts, do you think popcorn would pop in a slow cooker? It’s not practical or anything, I just wonder if it would work. Stay tuned – I’ve had this thought for nearly a week now, it’s pretty much guaranteed I will have to try it to get it out of my head.

I finished the last e-book I talked about here. Meh. But, the buyer liked it and gave me a nice bonus, so I’m not complaining. It just felt so mediocre – it was what he wanted, but you know. I wrote another article tonight – again meh. It just seemed like a common sense topic and it’s hard, if you feel that way, to come up with 2000 unique and interesting words WITH citations for something stoopid. Maybe I need a big blow to the head, but it’s pretty clear I’m not really suited to be anything but self-employed.

I started the Christmas book to do as a free ebook gift thing for the holidays. The story sucks, I’ll be starting over. We’ll see if I can come up with something not too sad. I re-read what I had written while I was waiting to get my haircut. (see pic above) I had my eyebrows done too – ouch. Lots of hair gone. 12 weeks with no hair color. I was trying to take a picture to show Mike how gray I am, but it doesn’t show in my sad attempt at a selfie. Lots of gray/white, but I’m sick of hair color, so I’m going to go with it.

Andy’s back to rowing. He did well in Jacksonville this weekend, so I guess we’ll keep him.  😉 The fall season is pretty easy (for me and Mike at least) – only four big races.  I’ll only see the last two. But, honestly, “seeing” a race is a glimpse or two as your kid whizzes by your position on the shore of a river. And, to be even more honest, all those boys look the same from that distance. Still, I like to be there and to see everyone in action and hear immediate reactions.  Also, the cupcake truck lady is usually there.

preston and tim One more picture – love this of Tim (home, school, working) and his neighbor buddy, Preston. Six years now they’ve been friends. Saturday night, Tim happened to be home and Preston had no date. They hung out, watched cartoons, ate some ice cream and posed for pictures. :::sniff::: they’re both so big!

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