A worthwhile stocking stuffer . . .

girls auto clinicElance is a site I used to work on. I liked it fine. It paid better than lots and I had a chance to do some interesting projects. The last project I did on Elance was editing a glove box guide to car basics geared at women.  There was a lot of back and forth and it was a thoroughly enjoyable project. I almost felt guilty getting paid because I learned a lot. When it was done, the author asked if I would like a copy and I said sure and gave her my address without a second thought.  And, Elance booted me for having outside contact with a client. I get it. I agreed not to do that. But, this was not an attempt to get more work, I just had fun working on the book and thought it was nice to be offered a copy.  Oh well, live and learn.  You can still find me on Freelancer, Fiverr and Scripted.

Anyway, the Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide is a great idea for a stocking stuffer or a gift for a babysitter or any other woman you know that drives a car.  It explains all kinds of things you should know in simple, easy terms.  You can order a copy at Girls Auto Clinic.  I get nothing from promoting this book. I like the author. I like the content and could really have used it when I bought my first car.

I just think it’s cool that I worked on a book and now I have a copy with a nice note from the author.

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