2014 pumpkinThis year I will not have one single kid here for Halloween.  Ian and Dan are living in Tallahassee.  Tim and a few of his friends are going to join them in Tallahassee. Andy is going to Tennessee for a race. Mike and I have crazy plans to clean out the attic and garage.  (Seriously, I’m kind of excited.) It’s sad. And not sad – all the leftover candy for me, me, me. Mike’s happy with an apple.

I have my Halloween decorations out. But, no one needs a costume. My sewing machine is sad. I took a nostalgic walk through the fake fur in the fabric department . . . sigh.  To cheer myself up, I bought a pumpkin.  I like it. Nothing like Macbeth on a pumpkin to lift you up, huh?

If anyone needs a little kid costume, let me know, I’ll make it. Really!

3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Sean is turning in a model of the solar system today and then we have plans to start combing thrift shops to make an elaborate costume that involves elf ears…he has a drawing of his costume which has a name. Wanna help?

  2. Love the pumpkin! Somewhat the same vibe around here. I bought 2 large pumpkins and told the boys to start thinking about how they want to carve/decorate them, and I get the feeling they just want to roast the seeds. Maybe we’ll paint “The Scottish Play” bits on it in black. No trick-or-treat this year. They’re going to a friends house for a computer gaming party.

  3. Ahhh – the end of an era, huh, Lisa? I’d love to see a pic of your pumpkins when you’re done!

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