Dear Pinterest,

20141020_012639_resizedI love you. You are a great way to kill time or to avoid doing things I have to do. But, the more I get to know you, the more I am convinced that the people contributing to your site do not have children older than five.

I’m having Halloween issues this year – you know, with my kids abandoning me and all. I keep buying pumpkins. I saw a Pinterest picture of a pumpkin coated in chalkboard paint – how fun and whimsical, I thought.  I actually had chalkboard paint (shhh…this note is not about my own weaknesses), so I painted my latest pumpkin and stuck it on the kitchen counter with a suitably whimsical “Boo!” written in chalk.

Just now, I’m heading to bed after doing laundry and other stuff out in the garage. The picture above is my “whimsical” pumpkin. Thanks, Andy. So charming and original. Who would guess Andy is 14????  Guess I’ll just mark “vocabulary” as done for the rest of this homeschooled year.

Oh well, I’ll just count this as a new pumpkin and repaint it in a way that cannot be teen-age-boyified tomorrow.

In the meantime, Pinterest, get some old people to post projects. They know what to avoid depending on who is living in your house!

Love, Amy

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