Oh my, I need to figure this writing thing out . . .

starry night washer 2I had a great run this summer. I was writing tons of stuff and most of it was interesting and fun. Now, I’m scrambling trying to get jobs and a lot of it is not interesting. To top that off, I think I’m getting old and cranky. (Actually, I am pretty sure I’m getting old and cranky.) I have such a low tolerance for stoopid. I want to help people get their message out – sort of. A lot of what I write is parenting or school-related. And I am tired of helicopter parents, parents making excuses for their kids and parents simply having no clue. (There’s a whole big internet, there is no excuse for being clueless anymore!!!!!)  :::sigh::: I think I’m going to end up as a grumpy old lady in a bathrobe writing diatribes on my blog. The only thing I will have in my own defense is that I will not have even one cat, much less 15.

In the meantime, I have free time (sort of).  I started re-painting my washer and dryer.  Here are pictures from the first time I did it. I neglected to coat the first round with polyurethane and the constant use and the fact that Mike and the boys use the dryer as a holder for tools, sandpaper, etc. made the whole episode sad.

starry night washer 1This time around, I was prepared. I didn’t want cute, happy, beyond-belief clean Pinterest design. My laundry room is my garage. It’s not cute, clean or particularly happy. I settled on Van Gogh. I don’t think he was cute, clean or particularly happy either. So there you have it my Starry Night Washer and dryer Properly coated to protect against sons and husbands.  I think I may have to paint the walls behind with sunflowers or something to complete the theme.

I hope you are all doing meaningful things!!! I hope to get back to that meaningful thing thing soon too.

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