Who stole November????

It’s November 14 and wahhhhh!

the-snowy-day-illustrationsI passed on Nano this year. I had enough paying writing projects that I can live with it. But, who knows – I have a weekend with Andy and Mike out building a dock in the middle of a lake for rowing, I might try to power it out yet. After checking on Nano I learned that I have finished 10 novels since 2005. None good, but still . . . 10. That’s 500,000 words of blather and I think there’s more in me. You decide what that means.

This month seems to be teacher’s month in terms of writing. It’s great because education is definitely up there on my list of things of interest. The topics? Ugh. I’m so depressed after reading and researching. My hat is off to teachers everywhere for simply getting out of bed. The problems are so huge and so deep I don’t know how things will get straightened out.  I did do an analysis of The Snowy Day for one teacher. I cannot even explain how much I love this book – I don’t even know why. It’s a simple story. The illustrations are beautiful, imo. But, I think it’s one of the first books I ever read on my own or something – it just strikes such a chord with me. The woman that wanted me to write for her asked if I happened to have a copy. Ummm . . . yeah, one or four. LOL Anyway, it was a huge breath of fresh air.

20141107_142258Nothing much new here. I made a really cool wreath for my sister’s birthday. My parents are up there to visit her and are delivering it now.It looks different than the pictures. I added some fake blown glass oranaments but you get the idea.

I’m at week 20 of no hair color. Got my hair cut today. Lots more yellow blonde gone. I’m not sure what my color is now. Kind of blonde/brown, silver, white and something. It’s weird, but I am determined to see what I am dealing with before I color it again. No one screamed when they saw me so I’m guessing it’s not too scary

for now.439

Andy’s (4th from left) rowing for the fall season is done. He did very well. A couple of weekends ago the team traveled to Tennessee for a race called the Head of the Hooch. And was supposed to race on two boats. Sadly, for the first time in 34 years, they had to cancel all events on Saturday because of incredibly high winds. Andy was disappointed, but I keep thinking about all of the vendors and permits the organizers had and how much money was lost!!!!  Fortunately, they saved Sunday. This is the second biggest race in the country. So many teams traveled so far. Ugh. Andy’s boat placed fourth on Sunday. He was thrilled. Last weekend he rowed at Stetson University. His boat won their first race and placed second in the 17K race. Andy was happy that no one threw up. Aim high, son. We’re still going to practice everyday. EVERY day. I’ve made some good friends at the Winter Garden library where I go to write while Andy rows. I even have my own table now.

20141107_142226_resized_1FINALLY, while Andy was off in TN, Tim headed to Tallahassee. Mike and I had a weekend alone. We did what any couple married 25 (almost) years – we cleaned the garage! Seriously, we had so much fun. We played bad 80’s music, ate junk food and threw out so MUCH stuff.  When it was done, we pulled up chairs, drank a beer and toasted to our industriousness. For the first time ever we could actually put a car in the garage!!!!!  It’s a thing of beauty. We are wild, I tell you.

2 thoughts on “Who stole November????

  1. I know what you mean — all my months have been missing most of their days this year since around June. Makes it hard to get things done.

    I’ve never done Nano, but I agree completely that after ten years it would be a shame to break the routine! And Education — aack! I wouldn’t know how to fix it if someone decided to Let me try. I’ve seen it from several angles (my mom was a wonderfully dedicated teacher, I went through the public school system, now homeschooling my kids), and I have no idea how to fix it on the large scale without massive societal changes which are not going to happen. But I when I visit the library and overhear tutors patiently working with kids and their parents it really warms my heart.

    Hooray for Andy and no one throwing up! There are times when that really is a Big win! Sorry about his cancelled race, though. What a disappointment.

    And the garage looks Lovely! Ed dreams of someday parking our car in the garage.

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