Day Three – Too Tired

Who knew this would be so exhausting? I have much to report but, I just can’t tonight. I had three huge fillings today and a deep cleaning. Not bad but my mouth is definitely sore tonight – which is why I’m up so late. Tomorrow I get a day off from the dentist. We’re going to a volcano and hot springs outside of the city. I can hardly wait.

Despite my sore mouth, we did have a couple of adventures today. Stay tuned. I will put them up tomorrow night!

One thought on “Day Three – Too Tired

  1. I’m glad you’re punting on the writing and getting some rest. Rest, hydration (especially after trekking around a volcano – PICS!), more rest and nutrition. Not that you don’t know that. But sometimes, when you’re just dog-tired, it helps to be reminded that that’s normal. And it’s okay to just rest. ❤

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