All Done! I have the prettiest teeth in Costa Rica!

20150328_150616Okay – that’s an exaggeration.  I have the prettiest teeth I’ve ever had and I’m in Costa Rica.  I have all kind of notes and things to tell you all about. But . . . tired and busy.  Please stay tuned.  For now, this is me and Bing (hard to tell we’re related,huh?) at the end of our three-part tour today – coffee plantation, active volcano (so insanely amazing) and a national park with mind-blowing waterfalls!  So much fun! I might start renting Bing out for those of you who need a fun mom to hang out with.  (Don’t tell Bing – we’ll make it a surprise, okay?) 😉

Lots more to come – I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying my revamped teeth and I nearly cried leaving the dentist’s office on Friday. Anyway – check back. I’m finally caught up on my writing, my teeth and I’m in CR for a few more days.

(I have not done laundry, packed a cooler or prepared a meal in over a week – funny how you can still fill the time.  😉  )

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