Prom? Schmom!

92a5a-andyhogwartsYes, Andy is too young for a prom. BUT . . . he’s involved himself with a “cougar.” That’s right folks, he has a girl-that-is-a-friend who is a year older. Never mind that we like her a lot – she’s smart, funny, competitive and, did I mention, funny? She lured him into prom territory.

We rented a tux. Online. Don’t do this. Just pay Men’s Wearhouse. Andy put on the tux and looked like Jethro. My mom and I had to let out all the seams, repin them and stitch the tux up to look like there was a plan. Upside? There was enough fabric to let out and my mom and I both have sewing skills.

There was a rowing race on Saturday morning. Andy and his GTIF both won their races before the event was cancelled due to high winds and lightening. Andy returned home with the girl’s family. She went to get her nails done. Andy napped. They had a great time when all was said and done. I know there will be more pictures in the future but, I’ll share what I have.


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